Concordats signed by the Church

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Concordats signed by the Church

Post by Varasd on Wed Feb 10, 2016 11:42 am

The following Concordats have been signed by the Church:


1st Judean Concordat:

- The King of Judea shall cede his right of investiture to the Pope.

- The King of Judea shall allow the monasteries to be built in his realms, and allow them to be function as their counterparts in Christian lands.

- A male child from the ruling dynasty shall be sent to a Christian court, until he reaches adulthood. The child shall then return to Judea.

- In the Kingdom of Judea, no Christian shall be harmed or hindered in their beliefs; Christians can celebrate their holidays, as they wish; the safety of Christians shall be ensured by the King of Judea; Christian priests and converters can freely access and preach in the Kingdom of Judea. Every future King of Judea shall uphold these laws.

- As long as the King of Judea holds himselfs to these terms, no ruler shall deny his right to rule, and no one shall unlawfully punish his people.

- It is forbidden for any man to attempt to forcefully convert the people of Judea to the True Faith, only with true words of our Lord Jesus Christ shall they be converted.

1st Calabrian Concordat:

- The Duchy of Malta shall be ruled by Christian lords, and thus the ruling dynasty shall convert to the Catholic faith

- The Republic of Calabria shall lead a campaign to the Balkans against the Bogumil heretics.

- The campaign would focus on restoring order in the area, and everyone who asks so with a pure heart can redeem himself, and his family, and their sins shall be forgiven.

- Those leaders of the heresy who ask with a pure heart shall be forgiven, and given the chance to live in monasteries among brothers who will help them redeem their souls."

- Bishop Piero Cosenza shall be excommunicated from the Church, any man can freely enslave him, deprive him of his wealth, and even take his life. Those who have taken oaths to him are now relieved of them.

1st Varasdian Concordat:

- The "Request of King Zvonimir I. for Blessing of a Campaign" is accepted.

- The Holy Church hereby grants authority to King Zvonimir I. to lead a campaign to Transylvania, and conquer those lands, in order to stop the bogumil heresy spreading there.

- In case the heresy will not be eradicated in due time, King Zvonimir I. will lose his claims to the area, and another ruler will be asked to make order.

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