The Great German League [GGL]

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The Great German League [GGL]

Post by The Duchy of Krakenstein on Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:11 am

The year is 1027 AD. Two very different nations meet each others in Fulda. On one side the Leader of the Alpen Republik, a mountain Folk that settled around the Alpen. On the other side the Duchy of Krakenstein, a german-polish Duchy in the North. Maur Kraken, the Duke of Krakenstein has a special suggest: The Great German League, a League to protect germanic nations and support trade. But he cannot form this Alliance alone, so he is on the search for an Ally and found him in the Alpen Republik. The Leader of the Alpen Republik hesitates but then after a while he agrees.

The Great German League is an open Alliance for all germanic nations who settle around the area of today Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Switzerland.
It is an Alliance for protection and trading NOT war. The members stay independent!

The leader of this League, the Duke Administrator,gets elected every second RL month by the members of the League.

The Duke Administrator only administrates League-internal duties, for example trading! The Duke Administrator cant meddle into the national administration of the members! Wars against members, without reasons, are not allowed and can get punished by the Administrator.
Wars against non-members also require good reasons, if no reasons are presented, members can deny theyre support.

If a member gets attacked by a non-member, the other members must rush to support!

Gott mit uns

Duke Maur of Krakenstein
Alpen Republik:in request
The Duchy of Krakenstein

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