The Roman Palace

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The Roman Palace

Post by Rhenish Principality on Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:05 pm

The Roman Palace: The Court of the Prince

The Prince´s Hall (The Windows in the rear open to the balcony)

Map of Frankfurt

Courtiers present
The Princely Family
Fürst Johann I vom Rhein - Prince Johann I of the Rhine
Fürstenmutter Adelheid - Dowager Princess Adelheid
Prinz Adophus - Prince Adolphus - Currently not present
Prinzessin Lucretia - Princess Lucretia

The Prince´s Council
Graf Berold von der Wetterau - Tutor & Guardian of the Prince
Markgraf Martin von Arnsberg - Chancellor
Landgraf Albrecht vom Schwarzwald - Marshal
Pfalzgraf Anton - Steward
Bischof Zacharias von Wiesbaden - Court Bishop
Graf Hermann von Wesel - Minor Advisor
Graf Christian von Warendorf - Minor Advisor

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