Le Cort de Trobador

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Le Cort de Trobador

Post by Pirenencia on Mon May 02, 2016 9:03 pm

Le Cort de Trobador
"The Court of the Troubadours"

"Dejós ma fenèstra,
I a un aucelon
Tota la nuèch canta,
Canta sa cançon.

Se canta, que cante,
Canta pas per ieu,
Canta per ma mia
Qu'es al luènh de ieu."

The Occitan and Catalan courts of Europe are filled with the music of the Troubadours, none more so than the seat of the House of Taillefer in the great city of Barcelona. Here the halls ring with tales of glory, corridors sing songs of secrets and gardens recite the poems of love. Every lord and every subject, from princes to paupers, are united in their love of music and the blossoming culture of their land. The Pirenenc realm itself seems to dance to God's holy melody, known only to those who speak the words of 'la lenga d'òc'.

To the young and naive fools of the known world, it may seem in fact, that the courts of the Troubadours are perfect: devoid of sin and lacking in the vices that grip the halls of other men. For how could such beautiful music coexist with the plotting and corruption of those in the vicinity of earthly power? To be young and naive in the land d'Oc however, is to soon to be one of a different temperament or to be dead...

Welcome to the Troubadour's Court-the centre of the House Taillefer and their demesne. This is an IC thread to chronicle events and going-ons in the realm of Pirenencia. Most of the characters therefore will be RPed by myself, but naturally if you want to RP in this court you are welcome to TG me in reference to an existing character or one that you may wish to create e.g. an ambassador or visiting dignitary of some sort. If OOC posts are going to be made I would appreciate it if they were put in 'spoilers' and, if possible, accompanied by actual IC stuff as well.

List of Charcters (WIP):

  • Ferdinand II, House Taillefer, Grand Prince of Catalonia and Primal Count of Occitania [King of Pirenencia]
  • Francesca, House Sunifred, Queen of Pirenencia
  • Rainaut, House Taillefer, Crown Prince of Pirenencia
  • Elisabèta, House Taillefer, Princess of Pirenencia
  • Julian, House Taillefer, Prince of Pirenencia
  • Lúcia, House Taillefer, Princess of Pirenencia

  • Emmanuèl I, House Trencaval, Chancellor of Pirenencia and Count of Melguelh
  • Jaufret de Albi, Marshall of Pirenencia
  • Rogier Strong, Steward of Pirenencia
  • Matias IV, House Rousillion, Spymaster of Pirenencia and Count of Rosselló
  • Toumas Kerret, Court Chaplin of Pirenencia and Archbishop of Toulouse


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