A Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch

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A Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch

Post by Azaq on Sun Mar 27, 2016 9:52 pm

To the Ecumenical Patriarch Paulus Eutychios,

Greetings, my Brother of the Cross. My name is Photios Raptis, Orthodox Bishop of Theodosia, and I am writing to this letter to inform you of the sins and vile excesses of Bishop Vasilis of Chersonisos.

Vasilis Michelakis has been Bishop of Chersonisos for some 15 years and before now has been doing a splendid job, in fact at one point I would say I admired him, but ever since the Temürids conquered Taurica, his views have become increasingly heretical and dangerous. He has always been very passionate about his position and faith, and I do not doubt for a moment that he believes himself a pious man, but unfortunately his view of the world has become clouded. He has always been rather unorthodox in his views, but to this extent is a much more recent transpiration. It is hard for me to write this, for I once respected the man, but it must be said that Vasilis has fallen from the true path.

His mind has gone sick, and his views radical and extreme. I fear he may be beyond saving, for he has sunken very low into the pits of insanity.

Since the Schism first occurred, he has been organizing his flock - who he has strayed from the path to think like him - to become a violent mob of sinful thugs who beat, steal, rape, and kill those of other faiths or of unorthodox views. Before now, his connection could not be proven, but I am afraid now it is without a doubt, undeniably true.

Several hours ago, the Khan's eldest daughter, Gerel, was in the market buying fruit when she and her two guards were jumped by Vasilis' thugs, who killed the guards and brutally beaten and raped Princess Gerel - who was pregnant at the time - forcing a miscarriage upon her. It has been revealed that Vasilis ordered the attack, and specifically instructed the thugs what to do to Princess Gerel.

This information came to the Khan through two ways: 1. The torture of one of the thugs, who confessed Vasilis ordered the attack, and 2. A young defector amongst the thugs, who grew disillusioned with Vasilis' teachings of violence and hatred. The latter has repented for his involvement with Vasilis and his thugs.

The motive is simple: The Zoroastrian faith believes incestuous relationships to be holy, and so Princess Gerel is married to the Khan's eldest son, Bat-Erdene, who is heir to the Khanate. They have already had one child, and the one that was deliberately miscarried would have been the second.

Regardless of the church's views on incest, this violence and barbarity cannot be tolerated, and there is much more Vasilis' flock has been linked to, including violence against fellow, non-Orthodox Christians (Catholic and Nestorian), the unauthorized kidnapping of Bogomil children to be brainwashed following the massacre of Bogomils within the Khanate, and many other heinous crimes including torture of dissenters, harassment, violent fights, the raping of heathen women, and mother distasteful occurrences.

These acts, all ordered directly by Vasilis himself, cannot be condoned by any sane man, and on behalf of the Orthodox faithful, I ask you expel Vasilis from the Council, remove his status as Patriarch, excommunicate him, and imprison him. For if you do not, I should warn you, the Khan will send his army to Constantinople and drag him back to Azaq - dead or alive - and commit acts to him (or his body) that I dare not wish to repeat, and he will show no respect for any borders, institutions, gods, crowns, or men who stand in his way.

Patriarch Vasilis Michelakis has fallen far from the righteous path, and for this he must be punished. I ask you do the right thing, and make sure that the victims of his barbarity receive the justice they deserve. This is not how a Man of the Cross should act. He must answer for his deplorable crimes, in the name of Christ Almighty.

Bishop Photios Raptis of Theodosia

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Re: A Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch

Post by Byzantine_Bithynia on Sun Mar 27, 2016 10:11 pm

To Bishop Photios Raptis of Theodosia,

This is very concerning, I know Vasilis is an extreme man, but this is more than extreme. Doing what you say he has done is despicable, and I cannot support such barbarity. Interestingly, a motion has already been started to banish him from the council - though this information will likely sway peoples minds. I must deliver this information to the council, as this is a most pressing matter. Thank you for informing me of this, I am grateful.


Ecumenical Patriarch Paulus Eutychios

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