The Kingdom of Egypt II (WIP)

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The Kingdom of Egypt II (WIP)

Post by Aegyptus on Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:34 pm


Originally, Egypt II was a part of the actual Egypt. With the downfall of the Pharaonic age after the Late Period and the beginning of the Greco-Roman Period, a group of a few hundred Egyptians fled their home to the harsh desert, where their enemies wouldn't find them. For many decades they lived on the borders of Greco-Roman Egypt, fearful of what might happen if they were discovered or if they lost food and drink. One of the descendants of the original refugees, Amenmesse, took the role of leader and began building a town instead of camps. This town grew into a city, and soon they were building plantations, farms and quarries. Around the 5th century AD, Thutmose, a leisurely but militaristic man, decided they would flee no more.

Their number having increased to thousands, this great leader directed his people into the oppressed Ancient Libya, which was also under Roman rule. The Libyan tribes welcomed the Egyptian refugees and with their help, the thousands became tens of thousands and soon they were marching virtually unopposed into Roman cities. City after city they conquered and in a few years half of Libya had become Egypt II. Thutmose having died during the Battle of Amenti (which was named after the Duat, realm of the dead), Amenemhat became the new civilization's Pharaoh. They maintained a strong military, though trying to avoid war. In the 6th century AD, the Romans attacked unexpectedly and Egypt II was forced into war. Though not easily, Egypt II prevailed and forced their enemies away, freeing their home territories excluding those held by Cybelos today.

After making sure Libya was well and safe, Amenemhat made a public decision informing the Libyans that they were free to become independent once again . The Libyans accepted, and Egypt's territory became much smaller. For centuries, Egypt II lived in isolation, defending itself from invaders and attackers and watching as countries and civilizations around it crumbled to dust. The Land of The Pharaohs could sustain itself using the technologies earned by the Greco-Roman takeover. Now ruled by Pharaoh Amyrtaeus of the New 28th Dynasty, the nation gives great care to its environment, to diplomacy and to the wellbeing of its citizens.

(Most of this will be changed when the whole thing is done since I know it will conflict with the Greco-Roman Empire.)


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