On the Subject of the Heathens of Brittania

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On the Subject of the Heathens of Brittania

Post by Sǣxenland on Fri Mar 18, 2016 2:09 am

[Let all discussion of the Crusade in Brittania be brought here. I thought I would start the discussion up, however if that conflicts with Azaq's Scotsmen then I will retcon this.)

"Æþelwynne how long until we reach the city of Rome? My feet tire of this dry and monotonous walk, and the women and children are famished."

Basel, the Cornishman, was one of the ten men of Cornwall who had joined the three-hundred-man strong Sǣxenn Pilgrims of Christ. Not all where men though, there were many women and many children, and many had perished along the way from the missionary colony of Twegen-ond-Þrīe.

"We shall approach Rome soon, we shall rest now, for I tire as well.

While the rest of the pilgrims rested in the fields outside of Roma, for which they paid a farmer most of the little silver they had left. Æþelwynne, took his most trusted friends, Harold, Ægāstās (Sǣxennized version of Augustus) and a hooded man with him inside the city.

They made their way through the crowded Roman streets. Until they got to the Papal Court. In this lavish court there they looked out of place, in their simple chain-male and lack of any embellishment and ornamentation.

They asked around, Æþelwynne having mastered some Latin could communicate with some effectiveness. They talked to an important looking man, who nodded enthusiastically when Æþelwynne told their story and said something along the lines of "you've come to the right place at the right time." Finally they were brought into the papal chamber. The three men bowed and Æþelwynne began their story.

"Your holiness, my group of pilgrims has traveled far for to get to Rome. We are Christians from the Sǣxenlands from the mission of Twegen-ond-Þrīe. We enjoyed an ideal life there and our flock was about six-hundred-fifty Sǣxenns and Celts.

I myself was originally raised a Pagan, but I was brought to the mission as a young man and I saw the light of Christ. Many years later I have been ordained as priest, so have many of my comrades.

Yet like all missions in the dark and misty Sǣxenlands we were attacked by the Heathens upon the orders of Beowulf Goðwinsson, the Cyning, and half of our flock was sacrificed in the name of Wōtan. What little of us left have fled to Normandy. Along the way we have picked up many good Christians fleeing the destruction.

And now I turn your attention to our hooded friend. This is Alþedric Alþedricsson, the true Christian King of Sǣxenland. He was named successor by his father, but overthrown by the heathen devil Beowulf Goðwinsson and his harlot sister Frēj Alþedricsdottor. He has been tucked away in a monastery in Normandy living as a priest.

Your holiness, outside of Rome we have three hundred good Christians who have travelled a long way and in dire need of Catholic charity. We ask for food, water and shelter. As for us, we have 150 strong Sǣxenn warriors who wish to fight in the name of God and Christ, the Saviour. We ask that you bless us, grant us colours, and assign us the duty of protecting Christians in Sǣxenland.- we call ourselves the Sǣxenn Pilgrims of Christ.

Ælþedric is a good and pious man. We ask that, though it is a gran undertaking, that you assist us in organising a Holy Crusade to restore Ælþedric to the throne so he may bing the advent of Christ upon Brittania."

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Re: On the Subject of the Heathens of Brittania

Post by House of Judah on Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:25 am

Pope Basil I

"Your troubles disturb Us, and Our heart goes out to you and your people.  If it is your wish to return to Britannia to press your claim, then We will not stop you.  If you have taken priestly vows, We will release you from them.

"But, the matter of a Crusade...  We are unsure of it.  Please give Us some time to deliberate on the matter before We tell you of our decision.  In the meantime, please avail yourself of the hospitality of Saint Peter's."

Cardinal Amos

Cardinal Amos awaited the Sǣxenns in the hall outside the Papal Chamber.

"Do not think the Pope unsympathetic to your plight.  He is a man of great sympathy.  But he is also very much a man of peace, not war.  The very thought of it turns his stomach.  He knows that at times it is necessary, but he would avoid war if at all possible.  He must be shown that your cause is just and there must be war.  That God wills it.  If you can present him with a united front of cardinals, then he will have no choice but to authorize your cause."
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