The Merchant Republic of Caspiatana (WIP)

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The Merchant Republic of Caspiatana (WIP)

Post by Caspiatana on Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:04 am

High Patrician Houses

These family houses include all the most important people in the republic. There are, however, dozens of other, lesser families that are part of the patrician class in Caspiatana. The high patrician houses own businesses in many different industries however they also tend to specialize in certain sectors. Lesser families tend to stick to one trade.

House of Danté

The ‘Majestic’ House of Danté is led by Doge Marco II, Mayor of Caspiatana, and has being the ruling family in Caspiatana for several generations. The Danté family primarily influences control via taxation and tariffs, command of the small professional land and naval forces of the republic, and privately owns some of the largest tracts of lands outside the city limits. The Danté family are beloved by most of the clergy and is so old that they are written into the annals and myths of Caspian history. The Danté colours are cyan and black, and their sigil is a black stag on a cyan field.

House of Fioré

The ‘Pious’ House of Fioré is led by Emilio IV. The Fioré family is renowned for their devotion to the Catholic faith. The Chapel of Stefano I, the first Doge of Caspiatana is found within the Cathedral of St. Lorenzo which was constructed and subsequently leased to the church by the Fioré family. Many members of the dynasty have been cardinals over the past centuries. The Fioré family also manage all church lands inside and outside of Caspiatana. The Fioré colours are violet and gold, and their sigil is gold cross on a violet field.

House of Romano

The ‘Fierce’ House of Romano is ruled by Domenico I. The Romano family are renowned for their military and fighting capabilities over the centuries. Many brilliant generals of Caspian armies have come from the Romano family. The family fields a massive mercenary army that mostly serves the interests of the republic, but also sells itself to other Catholic European nations. The Romano colours are crimson and black, and their sigil is a grey wolf on a crimson and black checkered field.

House of Marino

The ‘Worthy’ House of Marino is led by Cesaré III. The Marino family is renowned for their massive merchant fleet and prosperous trade connections throughout the medieval world. Many merchant princes have flourished in Marino’s long and storied history. The Marino colours are blue and white, and their sigil is a white anchor on a sea of blues.

House of Villa

The ‘Prosperous’ House of Ravello is led by Cristiano IV. The Ravello family are renowned for their private ownership of an immense expanse of fertile land throughout the hinterland. The house of Villa is the wealthiest in Caspiatana, followed closely by Marino and Danté. The family has close relations with the Marino family, who move Ravello product throughout Christendom. Their colours are many shades of green, and their sigil is a naked brown tree on a green field.


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