Roleplay Rules of the Region

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Roleplay Rules of the Region

Post by Varasd on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:49 pm

About the Region:

1. The regional start date is 1000 AD.

2. All member nations shall use the medieval technological level of the era.

3. There is no set rule on how in-character time passes, but every member is expected to incorporate the passing of time into their roleplay, with all of it's effects on their nation (the death of the monarch, the bishop, growing up of the heir, building cities, etc.)

4. Nobody is allowed to god-mod, members can only roleplay their own state's decisions.

5. Member nations are expected to use their Nationstates flags, or the coat-of-arms version of their flags, as their forum avatar; and their Nationstates name as their forum name.

About the Regional Government

1. There is no regional government.

2. Moderators appointed by the founder and approved by the other moderators have the authority to govern the region.

3. Members of the region agree to keep IC things IC, and OOC things OOC, never mix the two.

4. Members of the region agree to accept the decisions of our moderators.

About the Regional Map:

1. All map claims must be posted in the following thread:

2. All members can select 8 regions as their initial claim.

3. Members can request an additional 3 regions every month (the start date will be the date of the registration on the forums), for 3 months. (Overall 6 regions, plus 3x2).

4. After that, you can gain more territories if:
- You conquer another area.
- You purchase another area.
- An entity higher than your state (the Catholic or Orthodox Church, the Emperor, etc.) approves your claim for an uncontested area, for the purpose of converting the population.

5. All territorial changes must be authorised by the owner in the map claims thread.

6. All members are allowed relocate their provinces to a new location. Whether or not this will be approved depends on various factors, as:
- Your initial position on the map
- The area to which you want to relocate
- The In-Character reasons of your relocation

About titles:

1. In general, everyone is allowed to use titles they see fit, however, it is suggested to seek international approval, either by other realms, or your respective Church.

2. Every member starts on the "lowest" rank (Republic/Order/Duchy).

3. You can achieve higher rank for your state by proclaiming yourself to be king or emperor.

4. A Petty Kingdom and a Petty Empire are used as a title when the rank has not been acknowledged by a higher authority.

5. Kingdoms can be acknowledged by an Emperor (if the King becomes his vassal), or by the Churches.

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