The South Heathen Army (WIP!)

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The South Heathen Army (WIP!)

Post by The South Heathen Army on Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:46 am

"They struck quickly, demolishing every being who dared stood in there way."- A Moorish Merchant on the Siege of Granada.

The South Heathen Army is a band of exiled dukes, adventure-seeking young men, and a band of hardcore veteran Sea Raiders. When the land in Scandinavia became bad, their leader, Magnus Sharpeye gathered his band and sailed off to the rich lands of Iberia. The Spanish Caliphates were no match for his soldiers, and he seized valuable territories and cities. Sharpeye found great value in these cities though, and decided not to burn or destroy them. To celebrate his victory over the Moors, he built a great pagan temple at Granada. He has allowed the Muslims, Jews, and Christians to live peacefully, but he encourages the Norse Paganism heavily on the populace.
The South Heathen Army

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