"They came from the east..."

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"They came from the east..."

Post by Azaq on Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:14 am

"The Mongols!"

The Khanate of Azaq - Location & Origins

Straddling the coast of the Taurican Peninsula and the steppes to the north, the Khanate of Azaq is a confederation of various cultures and religions that are predominantly Mongolian and Zoroastrian respectively. The khanate is led by Ganbaatar, the founder and current khan of the khanate. The origins lie in the expulsion of a large group of Mongol warriors from Manchuria after a failed invasion of the Liao Dynasty. The invading Mongol armies were routed and forced out of Liao territory, only to be forced out of their homes by usurpers. They would continue west looking for new land to settle in under the Great Khan Temür, who would induct a number of other Mongolic and Turkic warriors and their families into his ranks. Shortly after arriving at the northern edge of the Khazar Sea the khan welcomed in Zoroastrian refugees fleeing from the Islamic conquerors of Persia and converted to Zoroastrianism. Temür was killed in battle after being ambushed in Pecheneg territory upon crossing the Itil River, forcing his son Ganbaatar to succeed him and led his forces to victory against the Pechenegs, destroying their khanate and carving out some of their territory for himself, as well as conquering some Greek city-states in Taurica and some nearby Rus' tribes, laying the foundations for Azaq.

The Temürids

The Temürids are the ruling dynasty of the Khanate of Azaq. The current head of the dynasty, Ganbaatar, is the present Khan of Azaq. His father, Temür, was the founder of the dynasty.


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