The Gepidaen Civil War

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Re: The Gepidaen Civil War

Post by Azaq on Mon Feb 29, 2016 9:28 pm

Crusader wrote:
Azaq wrote:snip

The Baltic Tribesmen looked up in astonishment, these folk; aside from a man known to be from the Rus, had never been seen before. They were weird with their thick accents and unique armour.

As Boleslav completed his speech a meekish man of average stature approached the trio, in his wake a few hastily equipped spearmen; and with a keen eye could be seen as older persons, perhaps farmers.

"T-to you esteemed voices of your Great Khan. We thank you of your most kind and noble offer. I am Andrus, and I speak for this village. Our Chieftain is in battle with the daemon Hendrik, and will not return for several days, but it is not him you will wish to approach with your noble offer Lords. We are but a minor village in a larger confederacy. The High Chieftain Hallus resides 5-days-as-the-crow-flies from here. And if you shall allow me I can provide rest, food and an escort."

The speech is infused with many crude bows and semi-fearful looks.

Now that your party has had a chance to review your surroundings, the village would house maybe at most 60 persons, many men are missing and presumably are in combat with this 'Hendrik'. A half-palisade was in construction but is apparently abandoned. Aside from that nothing it special, neither poor nor rich, populous nor deserted. It would be one of many of local village dotted around the low-Estonian plains.

Boleslav gently translated the words of the Baltic man to Bogd, who listened intently. Understanding they still had quite a few days to travel before arriving to this 'Hallus', Bogd took a moment to think of his response. After a brief discussion with Boleslav, the Rus' turned back to the Baltic that had approached them.

"If escort is necessary to prevent unwanted attacks from Hallus' forces, then so be it. If not, then it is not necessary. Likewise, food shall not be necessary - we have plenty of our own and can always hunt if need be. As for rest, we will accept this generous offer, for the day grows darker by the minute. I am Boleslav from the basin of the Slavuta, and these men are Bogd and Turghun - Men of the East."

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