How to be Medieval? (A guide for newcomers)

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How to be Medieval? (A guide for newcomers)

Post by Varasd on Tue Jan 26, 2016 1:05 pm

A guide for newcomers

First of all, WELCOME!

Let's get started right away, and you shall become a roleplayer of this region in no time!

1st.: If you didn't already, create an account on the forums. Your nickname shall be the name of your nation, and your avatar shall be the flag of your nation, the one you use on Nationstates, so we can easily see who is who.

2nd.: Read our rules, in the Medieval Europe Roleplay Rules part of the forum.

3rd.: Check out our regional map, and post your claim in the Map Claims thread, and your nation will be on the map in no time! Be sure to claim according to the "How to Claim" description.

4th.: You can create an unique description of your nation, be it hierarchy, history, nobility, anything, at the Regional Registry, so others can understand your nation better!

5th.: Post news about your nation in the Regional Diplomacy thread. Events that affect other nations aswell, come to World News, and events that only affect your own nation come to Local News. If you wish to start a separate storyline with others, you can create a new thread for it, of course!

That's it! Easy, wasn't it? Now you know all you have to know about how to roleplay in this region, so get started, and get involved in our roleplays!

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