The Kingdom of Byzantine Bithynia [WIP]

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The Kingdom of Byzantine Bithynia [WIP]

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Further information available her:


Located along the edge of Anatolia, the Kingdom of Byzantine Bithynia, or as it's known to most, the Kingdom of Bithynia, is a Kingdom ruled by King Varius Corvinus and is set to be ruled by his heir, Herodes Corvinus, upon the kings death. Forged from the ashes of the Roman Empire, Bithynia follows its old traditions deeply, and aspires to rebuild the Roman Empire. They do, however, differ to the old Roman Empire in many respects. While they do heavily focus on their military, they also focus on diplomacy, realizing full well that they cannot deal with all issues through military might alone. Bithynia is split religiously between Catholicism and orthodoxy, with the latter being more prevalent. The capitol of Bithynia is Constantinople, and the Kingdom is made up of 6 Themata - The administrative districts of the Kingdom. In Bithynia skill and capability are valued much more highly than birth, and it is not uncommon for administrators of noble birth to select commoners as their successors, and vise versa.

Map of the Kingdom


The Kingdom is ruled by a King, who holds the most power of anyone in the Kingdom. Aside from the King, there is the Kings Council and the Bithynian Senate. The council has some restrictions it can place on the King, but the Senate's power is entirely at the discretion of the King. The King is given power over the entire Kingdom, and his only restriction is the council. The council, if it votes unanimously, can block an action of the King. Because of this it is the practice of most to appoint councilmen who will agree with them in most instances. The council is made up of advisers and managers who each specialize in one specific field, and provide the King with much needed skills.

The Senate focuses mostly on civil matters, and gathers in the Senate building in Constantinople to discuss and vote. At this point they send what they have come up with to the King, who will decide if it shall be done. If they King does not wish to put in place their resolution he has no obligation to. In addition to that, he is under no obligation to implement everything they have decided upon, so he may very well choose only some parts of the resolution to put into place.

Below is an overview of the Themata and their Generals and Governors.


Under Construction

Family Tree

NOTE: Green circles with a religious symbol indicate sympathy for that religion, not following of it.


The Court in Constantinople is composed of the Kings advisors and courtiers, and often plays an important role in deciding matters of the realm. The Kings council is made up of his advisers and has the ear of the King. There are a variety of positions within this court, and the King may create new ones depending on necessity and his particular style of rulership. Currently the Court has the following positions:

Marshall of the Realm

The Marshall is the Kings adviser on military matters, and is commonly selected from the Generals of the realm. Skilled and veteran generals are most commonly chosen for this role. The Marshall also has authority over Generals, though still answers to the King.

Steward of the Realm

The Stewards is the Kings adviser on Economic affairs, and is responsible for overseeing the finances of the realm. He is generally appointed from educated individuals.

Chancellor of the Realm

The Chancellor is the Kings adviser on Diplomatic affairs, and on the realm in general. He is responsible for managing the realms diplomats, and is to be informed as to the general state of the realm. The Chancellor is generally appointed from educated individuals.

Chaplain of the Realm

The Chaplain is the Kings adviser on religious matters, and is to have an idea of the religious situation within the Realm. He is generally selected from the Clergy.

Spymaster of the Realm

The Spymaster is the Kings adviser on matters of intrigue. He manages the realms spies, and is to be informed of any intelligence or other reports. He is generally appointed from educated individuals.

Master of the Navy

Like the Marshall, but specializing in naval matters. Manages the admirals of the realm. Generally appointed from skilled and veteran admirals.

Current Court

Marshall: Kaesus Draco
Steward: Publius Andronikos
Chancellor: Horatia Acacius
Chaplain: Servius Tychon
Spymaster: Tiberius Phillippus
Master of the Navy: Iason Sophus


The Kingdom of Bithynia relies on a strong core of well trained, and well equipped professional soldiers for its military. These forces are supported by militias, and if needed, levies. The standard equipment for Bithynian soldiers includes: a Mail Hauberk, a Conical Helm, an Oval Shield, a Spear, and a sword for close quarters combat. Militia are equipped with leather instead of mail, and their helmets are also generally leather. It is sometimes the case that militia are able to purchase some pieces of better equipment, but it's unlikely to see them as well equipped as the professional infantry. Bithynian tactics rely heavily on a balanced army of Infantry, archers, and cavalry.

A Bithynian Soldier



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