The Ruthen State

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The Ruthen State

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The Ruthen State - Ancient History

The Ruthen State was founded after the Roman Empire fell. Germany, being overrun by barbarians, also had many ex-Roman soldiers who were in search of a place to settle. These Romans, at around 8,000 at most, were led by Legate Carthius. Carthius was known for his diplomatic reasoning when it comes to pressured situations instead of a violent one.

Carthius was favored by the Langobardi, a Germanic tribe in Germany. With cunning diplomacy, he persuaded the chief of the Langobards to let his Romans stay in Germany under their protection. In return, Carthius provided the Langobards with advanced training in military tactics, agriculture, smelting, and other Roman tactics.

The chief of the Langobards, Garthar, lost his second-in-command to a wolf. Carthius persuaded Garthar to let him be his second-in-command. Carthius finally had strong ties with the Germanic tribe, and he was waiting patiently to strike.

Ten years later, Garthar died of poisoning. No one knows who poisoned him. but it was Carthius. He declared himself the Chief, with no objections by the Langobards, as they were currently in conflict with the Suebi Tribe.

Carthius, now Chief of the Langobards, started to insert Roman military tactics. He trained all of the barbaric soldiers, smelting new armor for them. He started a recruitment campaign, allowing men from 14+ to join the army. Soon, he had around 12,000. He had started to build complicated structures to help the populace. The Langobards capital was in heavy construction. A wooden wall was being built around it and shops were popping up. Roads were being built to other Langobard settlements.

Meanwhile, the nearby Suebi tribe was getting jealous and violent. They found the new Langobards as Roman puppets and sent an attack force of 4,000 towards the Langobard capital. Carthius luckily built many artillery weapons in case of attack. The capital had two stone-throwing onagers, 11 small ballistas, and 15 scorpios. The Suebi were dominated by the advanced artillery, the traps around the capital, and the well-trained soldiers.

Carthius sent a counterattack of 8,000 soldiers, 7 small ballistas, and 7 scorpios to the Suebi. Carthius, although a diplomatic man, was surprisingly violent when it came to war. He burnt the Suebi villages, he burned females on the stake, and he used many other torture tactics. In a matter of months, the Suebi were scattered, running south.

Carthius was old. He had brain cancer and laid on his deathbed. Carthius had no son, no wife, and no second-in-command. So when he died, the Langobards had no leader. The Romans and the Langobards started to compete to see who could get their representative into leadership. The Romans at a populace of 15,000 now with the Langobards at 14,100, became violent. The superior Romans threw the Langobards away and the Langobards started to retreat south.

The Romans had control of Langobard and Suebi land now. But they surprisingly did not get a Roman into leadership. A Germanic Roman of the name of Ulfrid Ruthen took control.

Ulfrid was the one who established a nation out of the Roman-Langobard tribe. Ulfrid was actually from Rome, his mother Roman and his father German, and was a very smart man. He was a dictatoral leader though, and he never tolerated criminals.

Ulfrid created many torture tactics. Ulfrid's main torture tactic was putting a pot of boiling water on the ground and putting the criminal on a pulley. The torturer would slowly dip the man into the water, starting at the legs until the skin boiled off. He would lift him out of the water and then proceed to do the same with the chest and finally to the head. The skeleton would be put into a cage and hung in front of cities.

Ulfrid was also very ambitious. He disregarded the Langobard capital and he soon let another place become capital. The small settlement was named "Berlin." He started to expand it, building a large wooden wall around it. He built aquifers and aqueducts in the city. Berlin soon became a large trade post, roads leading into it from all directions.

(Yea, this isn't a good history. I wasn't very interested in making it because I had no idea what it would be. But you get the gist of it).
The Ruthen State

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Re: The Ruthen State

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Hey,I like it! The germanic population with roman leadership and laws, military,etc., is an interesting concept!

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