The Court of Sicily

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The Court of Sicily

Post by Sicily on Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:35 am

Located in the capital of Sicliy, Syracuse, King Izîl and his council manages the realm here. Being surrounded by the great city, the Court of Sicily can be seen in the center with banners of the Sicilian stag covering the building's walls. As new courtiers enter the building, stone stags the height of two meters line up the hallway. The hallway diverges into a few points, where a small garrison and visitor quarters reside, but the main point is the court, where a wooden table is the first thing seen when entering. A small guard of trained veterans reside in the court, in case of an attack. With torches and candles the only thing lighting the room up, the court gives off a very mysterious and musky theme when visitors enter and the doors behind them closes.

King Izîl I of Sicily : The head of the Court, who ultimately makes the decisions. (51)
Duchess Dihya II of Malta : Wife to King Izîl, who has much influence over the king and is appointed regent. (40)
Crown Prince Izîl : Son of King Izîl, who acts as head of the Navy (24)
Prince Udad : Son of King Izîl, who acts as head of the Imperial Army (21)
Count Aktar of Palermo : Second-in-command to the Imperial Army. (36)
Captain Imar "Youngboat" : Second-in-command to the Imperial Navy. (20)
Hazeem : Slave to King Izîl, acts as Arabic translator (31)

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