Imperium of Zeltarus (Overview) WIP

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Imperium of Zeltarus (Overview) WIP

Post by Zanaras on Wed May 02, 2018 9:33 pm

Ruling dynasty: House Semder

Leader: Imperiatal (king) Xander Semder the III

Wife: Clarissa Sele

Crown prince Clause Semder
Prince Fredrick Semder
Crown princess Elise Semder
Prince Sharla Semder

The Council of Elders
Description: The Council of Elders is a council of six in which one royal representatives of the 9 royal houses Convene to make decisions with the monarch the leader of the council.

The six royal houses:
House Semder lead by Xander Semder
House Sele lead by Shor Sele
House zenloa lead by Zack Zenloa
House Taylor lead by Jack Taylor
House Heart lead by Alack Heart
House Glause lead by Cumen Glause

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