The Court at Arkhatten Castle

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The Court at Arkhatten Castle

Post by Vannishlands on Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:14 pm

Royals of the Estate
Vidar II of Lundmark, Duke of the New Vannishlands
Mathilde of Lundmark, Kristjensdotter, Countess
Ivar of Lundmark
Halgrim of Lundmark, Lord
Hilkka of Lundmark, Lady

Vidar lives and rules from within Arkhatten Castle. He has an entire floor dedicated to his various rooms and space. There are bedrooms, interrogation rooms, dining areas and everything in between. His wife Countess Mathilde Kristjensdotter of Lundmark lives with him. She has her own section of the castle as well, mainly for her various appointments and diplomatic duties. Vidar is 46, Mathilde is 29. Ivar and Halgrim are Vidar's teenage sons from an earlier marriage.

Eighteen year old Ivar is known for his fiery attitude and red hair. He can be cruel to commoners and is a local polarizing figure. Mathilde is being protective about who she and the Duke choose for his marriage. Of course Ivar wants to choose his own bride.

His younger brother Halgrim is training as a squire, learning from his father.

Religious Figures
Arnika Miasdottir - Soothsayer
Morwenna Cardynham - Oracle

The two are religious advisors to the Duke. The help him plan decisions ranging from economic to military matters. Arnika is slightly older and in her early thirties. Morwenna is in her late 20s. The two get along well and are like sisters. The castle's religious wing is located in the center section of the Northwest tower.

Military Figures
Sigdor the Red - Commander, Guardians of the Oak

Jasper Shaw - Captain, First Infantry Regiment
Kenver Goldsworthy - Sergeant-At-Arms, First Infantry Regiment

The Guardians of the Oak are responsible for guarding Arkhatten Castle. Sigdor carries the blood of the Old World. His long red beard is his staple. The Order is a 24 man cavalry unit, training in fighting on horseback. There are ships in port designed to transport up to 10 of the knights and their horses overseas. Different orders also have similar ships.

The First Infantry Regiment of Arkhatten is responsible for defending and maintaining Arkhatten County. A company lives and trains on the ground floors of the SW and SE towers. Their detachment extends up into the tower and throughout strategic posts across the towers. This includes two detached lookout structures up both roads from the castle.


Rycharde Bridgeman - Naturalist
Aedan Trenholm - Mathematician, Astronomer

Bridgeman and Trenholm are two older scientists who have been competing over the past few years of their lives. Both have their way of looking at the world. Trenholm is tied to the old ways, the Old World of the Vannish North and belief in spirtualism. Bridgeman is very pragmatic, only believing what can be observed, recorded and tracked.


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The Sea Wolves

Post by Rorukheim on Fri Jun 08, 2018 5:19 am

The sea is at its fairest, when the Drakkar from Rorukheim sails into port. A fair wind blows from the east, allowing the rowers some rest, as the sail does the heavy lifting, and the waves help push the boat into the harbor. Disembarking from the ship, is a group of rough looking Norsemen. Bearded, scarred and marked. Amongst them, is a younger man, with blonde hair and fierce blue eyes. Although younger, the man is broad and tall. He approaches a nearby guard.
“We... ambassadors...Rorukheim. Meet... king” the younger struggled to say, clearly not a native speaker of the language

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