The Duchy of Southern Vannishlands

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The Duchy of Southern Vannishlands

Post by Vannishlands on Tue Mar 13, 2018 3:35 pm

Vidar II of Lundmark, Duke of the New Vannishlands
Mathilde of Lundmark, Kristjensdotter, Countess
Ivar of Lundmark
Halgrim of Lundmark, Lord
Hilkka of Lundmark, Lady

Vidar is the 46 year old governor of the new territory. The New Vannishlands have been established for just over 120 years. The House of Lundmark has been at the heal the entire time. Vidar is known for ruiling with a fair hand, though he can be tough on dissenters. He plays up on the image of the benevolent ruler, while a select few he assigns conducts the 'dirty work'.

Mathilde is Vidar's second wife. She is younger, just under 30 years old. She was born on the Mainlands and is new to these lands. She has a fear of the local populace.

Ivar is known for his fiery red hair. He was born to Vidar's first wife, Lady Melissa. Hunting is his passion and he often travels great distances to hunt different prey. At 18 years old, he is just starting to take the reigns of governing the city of Arkhatten. It is quite a complex task and Ivar is being mentored by several local leaders.

Halgrim is 15 years old and plans to go into the military. He is currently training as a squire and hopes to travel the world. Athleticism is his area of focus.

Hilkka is the youngest member of the House of Lundmark. She's 12, daughter to Vidar and Mathilde. Her life is consumed with lessons on etiquette and academics.

In addition to being the governing house of the New Vannishlands, the family governs the county of Arkhatten. Vidar takes his name from his grandfather, who was a Duke back in the Mainlands.

Gunbritt of Westgren, Countess of Saxondale
Mikkel of Westgren, Lord
Solfrid of Westgren, Lady

Countess Gunbritt of Westgren was her late husband's right hand woman. She had been involved in all of his governance affairs, learning the role just as well as he did. She became a trusted advisor, helping sculpt some of the more rebellious areas into important agricultural regions. She is past age 50 now and has stopped counting.

She has a son and a daughter, ages 25 and 23. Mikkel is preparing to take over the role of Jarl of Saxondale. The two have been tutored by the best available locally. Solfrid has plans to improve the life of citizens across the Vannishlands with more rights and equality.

Saxondale extends from the SE tip of Arkham County NE until it reaches North Brum County. Saxondale County reaches the sea on both the east and western sides of the New Vannishlands.

Oskar of Vander, Jarl of North Brum, Commodore of the Vannish Navy
Lowena Angwin of Vander, Countess, Doctor
Greta of Vander, Lady
Brytthael of Vander, Lady
Mathi of Vander, Lord

The Vander family has serious power in the Mainlands. Oskar was given domionion over the Northernmost sector of the New Vannishlands as a reward for a successful military career. He would have to help organize the fleet in the new region, but he was ready for the challenge.

He is joined by his second wife, a local once called Lowena Angwin. The Jarl was taken by her beauty and made her family wealthy for her hand in marriage. Lowena seized her own circle of power, being the feisty type to make an impact, even on Jarl Vander.

Greta is 20 years old, almost as old as her stepmother. She expects to get married off and doesn't mind the idea. She wants to travel the world and can't wait to leave her father's hold.

Brytthael and Mathi are 8 and 6 respectively. The world is at their fingertips. Mathi will most likely do some form of military service in his lifetime as an officer. There would be plenty of land for them to inherit here in the North of the colony.

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