The Invasion of Krakenstein

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The Invasion of Krakenstein

Post by The Duchy of Krakenstein on Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:46 pm

The beginning
It was a misty morning, but the guards on the tower could still see the longships landing at the shore underneath them.
“Psiakrew! Those are ships of Rorukheim!", one of the guards yelled. They ran down the stairs to the guard-room. Two other soldiers were sleeping in their beds. As soon as they woken up and got dressed, the four ran outside. While they saddled their horses, one of the two men who saw the ships, explained the situation. After he explained it, he declared that he was going to ride south to Sczeczin where the Duke currently resided. The others rode to the nearby Castle of Rügen.

As the messenger entered the Palais of Sczezin, two guards refused to let him through. But when he explained that he needed to speek with the Duke and also why, they stepped back.When he entered the main-room of the Palais, three men starred at him. The first stood up and asked him:" Who are you and why are you here?" "Im from Rügen and i need to talk with Duke Kraken, immediately!", the messenger answered. "So it is I you desire to speak with?", said the youngest of the three men, "And now say what you need to say." After the messenger explained that Longships from Rorukheim have landed at the shores of Rügen, the Duke stood up and walked to one of the colored windows. "Well then", he said as he turned around, "you Johann, go gather the schlesian Guard, and you Patryk, gather the Archers and Swordmen. In the meantime i am going to gather the Krakish Cavalry."

After an half day the Krakish Army finally started to march north.


  • Duke Maur Kraken: Duke of Krakenstein(Played by Krakenstein

  • Ragnar Eroberen: King of Rorukheim(Played by Rorukheim)

  • Thorgrim Battle-Fate: Heir to the Throne of Rorukheim(Played by Rorukheim

  • Mateusz Danczak(Played by Krakenstein)

Army of Krakenstein
The schlesian Guard (Infantry) : 3000
Krakish Archers : 2000
Swordsmen : 2000
The Dukes Heavy Cavalry : 4000
Total : 11000 Men
The Duchy of Krakenstein

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Re: The Invasion of Krakenstein

Post by Rorukheim on Sun Mar 11, 2018 10:04 pm

(Once Hyakis and I finalize vassalization we’ll begin)

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