The Petty Kingdom of Hyakis

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The Petty Kingdom of Hyakis

Post by Hyakis on Thu Feb 15, 2018 5:33 am

King: Filip II
Heir: Chief Jarelt II
Leading Navy Commander: Chief Rezef "The Sea of War"
Leading Army Commander: Chief Diaal Ilssar
Religion: Slavic Paganism
Languages: Lithuanian, Slavic

Society (Summary):
The Kingdom of Hyakis was a tribal feudal monarchy, with chiefs acting as lords, and the king as the monarch. After King Jarelt I's realm was established, he greatly reformed society. He formed his nation more feudal-like, but kept aspects of his people. Chieftains would not be an inherited title, rather an elected one, where candidates were often skilled warriors or prized commanders. The monarch however would have their royal family, but inheritance was not based on blood, as many members were adopted and became monarch. Below the ruling ranks, were the the warrior class. Although it was required for Hyaks to have sort sort of skill with weapons, a warrior's only life was majorly combat. These men were fiercely trained at the age of the minimum age of eight, where they were often taken away, then they were absorbed into the life of a warrior, where they trained and fought until their last breath, unable to retire. Finally at the bottom, were the common-folk. These people were the smiths, the farmers, etc. A hierarchy of age was formed in this social class with the highest to lowest in this order: elderly, children, adults.
Military (Summary):
The Hyak people originated the Slavs, adopting their polytheist pagan faith, mainly worshiping Jarovit, the god of vegetation, fertility, and spring, also associated with war and harvest. This shaped the Hyak people into a mixture of farmers and warriors, where they were able to sustain their populations, including their armies. After King Jarelt I conquered the tribes of the Hyakis, naval ships were popularized, often having agile ships with warriors and archers as an effective military force. Their land armies' main effectiveness came from the famous Hyaki Slingers. These men, handpicked when they were born, mastered the sling, throwing projectiles with dead accuracy. Although not that effective in killing heavily-armored opponents, their skill was enough to damage armor enough to better the chances of warriors. This was later improved with the Stoneriders, slingers on horseback, where only the most skilled of the sling were given this honor. Stoneriders could've also been used as a light cavalry force.

2,250 Pike Warriors (Spearmen)
2,000 Warriors (Swordsmen)
2,000 Tribal Archers
1,000 Tribal Horsemen (Light Cavalry)
500 Hyaki Slingers
250 Stoneriders (Slinger Cavalry)
Total: 8,000

40 Longships
Total: 40

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