Seljuk Empire

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Seljuk Empire

Post by Duke of Normandy-Brittany on Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:12 am

Name: The Seljuk Empire
Government: Absolute Theocratic Monarchy
Succession: Crown Prince Manuchihr
Monarch: Shahanshah Qabus
Dynasty: Ziyarid dynasty
Capital: Isfahan
Religions: Shia Islam
Languages: Farsi

Persian Royal Army: 18,000
Peasants: 2,500
Heavy Infantry: 2,000
Spearmen: 2,500
Javelinmen: 3,000
Archers:: 3,000
Heavy Cavalry: 1,000
Missile Cavalry: 4,000
Ballista: 50
Catapult 50
Trebuchet 50
Persian Royal Navy: 50 Ships
Dhow: 25
War Galley: 10
Lanternas: 5
Baghlah: 10
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