The precarious situation of Lusono

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The precarious situation of Lusono

Post by Lusono on Tue Jan 30, 2018 7:25 pm

Due to many years of Muslim raiders attacking southern Iberia, Lusono is caught in the fire of many raids along their southern coast and eastern border. However, Lusono remains a safe haven to many of the men and women who wish to practice their Catholic Faith. Luckily for the king of Lusono, Bento I, he has the support of both his people, and more importantly his nobility. Knights and Cavalry have been raised to defend Lusono at all costs from these cruel and backwards warlords. In addition, Lusono has began to construct forts with garrisons to defend more isolated parts of its nation.

Example of these small forts dotted along the countryside:

As time moves on, the Lusonan people hope to remove this Muslim enemy and conquest rightful Iberian territories that Christians rightfully should own. In addition to this, Lusono has made it a goal to improve relations with the Holy Father, Pope John XIX, and inform him of this growing issue for both Lusono and its northern neighbor and ally, Larapor. Lusono has also sent a diplomat to Badajoz (see map below) to guarantee independence as well as try to host a royal marriage and an alliance.

This also serves as a call to arms to all Catholic brothers who struggle against a heretic force that poses a threat upon the existence of their nation. Lusono will aid any Catholic brother who need help in a war against a foe that threatens the safety and existence of Christian peoples and their traditions. As time moves on, it is hopeful Lusono can hold South Iberia and possibly remove the Muslim menace in North Africa.

Map of Iberia:

Nations south of the Tagus and Larapo:
Orange: Kingdom of Lusono
Blue: Kingdom of Larapor
Lime Green: Kingdom of Badajoz
Light Blue: Salaam Dynasty
Pink: Sultanate of Valencia
Purple: Sultanate of Granada

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