The Kingdom of Dusselbeck (WIP)

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The Kingdom of Dusselbeck (WIP)

Post by Dusselbeck on Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:07 pm

The Kingdom of Dusselbeck

Government Type: Monarchy
Ruling Family: The House of Lubeck
Ruling Monarch: Albertus Lubeck


87% Germanic
7% Slavic
5% Celtic
1% Others

Official Religion: Orthodox Christianity
62% Orthodox Christians
23% Catholic Christians
9% Heathens
4.2% Jews
1.8% Others

In the year 832 a local aristocrat of the City state of Lubeck had formed a union with an Orthodox Christian from the city-state of Bremerhaven formed the Theocracy of Luber-bremaria. Luber-bremaria knowing it was mostly surrounded by Germanic Heathens and Catholic Christians decided to ask the Byzantine Empire for Orthodox Christian missionaries which after converting the pagans settled in the lands were given nobility and their own villages. Seeing how easy it was to gain land a good amount of missionaries would go to the land. Due to this the country had a quite large religious shift and also a large demographics shift gaining a noticeable Slavic population. After the quite large population boost the nation began heavily investing into its biggest port and capital as well as its Wool industry. It then began a series of expansions via either purchasing smaller settlements surrounding it or hiring Slavic mercenaries to conquer lands for them. Because of this fact the official language is Latin although a lot of nobles also speak Greek with the vast majority of the population being speakers of the Low Saxon language.

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