A Crown For Italia

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A Crown For Italia

Post by Bellumore on Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:55 am

Salvete, Vicarius Filii Dei,

We, of New Rome, can trace our heritage directly to the Roman Empire of old, just as you can trace your heritage to the first Bishop of Rome, his holiness Saint Peter. We, who still practice the untarnished Latin ways and pray to the same God as we had then and recognize his holiness as the Successor of Peter and leader of the Church, believe we hold a most ancient and rightful claim to the lands of Italia to take back what was lost by our forefathers. But, we also recognize the necessity of a free, uninfluenced state of the Papacy to lead the Church in spiritual matters without the mud of the politics of man. Therefore humbly ask;

I: The naming of Telestis Palatinus Lucanus and his descendants of Gens Palatinus as Rex Italia and rightful rulers and Kings of Italy which the Romans of old once ruled
II: The recognition of the families of Old Rome as survivors of the true Roman Empire and therefore, successors to Western Rome

In continuation of this, Imperator Telestis sends his good intentions and declares he would swear before the Pope and upon the most Holy Bible to an oath that he;
I: Would recognize and guarantee the independence of a Papal State from which the Pope shall rule and would not tarnish or seize those lands held by the Papal State
II: Offer his support and own army in defense and service of the Papacy if so required
III: Ensure Papal investiture upon the churches and diocese of Nova Roma both now and in the future.

We pray to the Almighty that his holiness will recognize and accept this most humble request and recognize that the Latins of New Rome are willing to be his holiness' most stalwart defender.

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Re: A Crown For Italia

Post by Grand Auvergne on Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:52 am

The aging Pope Benoit V was sitting at his desk, a few of his ministers and most trusted advisors and allies present in his office at the Palace of Latran.

During the past weeks, they followed the recent events unfold in Italy. The death of the self-proclaimed "Emperor of the Romans", Marcellus Palatinus, sent shockwaves through the Peninsula. His son inherited without difficulty his title and, breaking with the isolationism that characterized the reign of his father, invaded and defeated many of its Italians neighbors, only stoping at the limits of the limits of the Latium, who was under the direct rule of the Pope. The feeble troops of the Holy See had been prepared in case the "Emperor" wanted to continue his campaign, and many letters on the table of the Pope were ready to be sent, to ask for the help of various other lords. But for now they were still here, on his desk, and the Pope was looking at them, and at the message sent by these "New Romans".

"So he's asking to be crowned king of the Italians. This won't go well." Pointed out one of the papal ministers and the others nodded. The fact that the House Palatinus contested the title of Emperor to the greeks was already angering the latter, but if they were to become Kings of Italy, with the blessing of the Pope, this would not go well and put an end to all their efforts to bring back the oriental patriarchs into the fold. Without talking about the reactions the Emperor of Constantinople could have. Especially the part were the Pope was to recognize these Milaneses as direct sucessors of the Western Roman Empire. This would be a declaration of war, pure and simple, from the Poper to the "Eastern" Emperor and would be treated as such.

"However, he does bring a lot to the table."
Noted another advisor.

Once again, the others could only nod. The protection of the Church's holdings and belongings, the full control of Latran over the investitures of the Church, down to the dioceses, without meddling from this "New Rome", plus the promise of help and defense in case of outside threat -which was guaranteed to happen if Benoit signed the document- gave the Pope so much powers and wealth it was quite baffling.

"This is the opportunity we waited for, isn't it ?" Pointed out one Benoit's friends. "Something to balance out the powers of the Emperor. The Judeans were too unreliable and the Auvergnats are too friendly with the greeks. Balance and checks, my friends. Balance and checks."

"Indeed." Finally said the Pope. "I believe this is worth...considering."

He sigthed. "Summon the College of the Cardinals. We will debate this matter... and vote."
Grand Auvergne

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