Vassalization of Northumbria

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Vassalization of Northumbria

Post by Canmore on Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:48 am

King Malcolm II rode down to York with a thousand men. At least that is what the stories tell in Northumbria.
King Malcolm II, King of all Scotland and the Highlands, did in fact ride down to York and also did in fact have an army with him. He rode there to request the Duchess of York, Máel Muire ingen Amlaíb's hand in marriage.
Meanwhile, in Yorkshire:
The Duchess of York, Máel Muire ingen Amlaíb(Her Christian name is Eleanor), had just inherited the seat of York from her father, Duke Amlaíb mac Sitric of York. She now waited for King Malcolm from the Kingdom of Scotland to come and sweep her off her feet. She looked out the window from where she was sewing and saw an army of nearly 500 men marching in formation towards the gates York. She went to the window and looked at the banners they bannermen were flying. She recognized the 3 Ravens and Black Chevron to be the Duke of Reghed's Banner, and sighed. Duke Urien Reghed was a stubborn young man who would not take no for an answer. He seemed intent on wooing her into marrying him. She knew Urien, they had grown up together, and he was perfect for the alliance type but she could never imagine marrying him. Whereas the King of Scotland was a handsome man, some one she could only dream about marrying. If she married him, she would be Queen of Scotland!
She jumped back into reality when she heard drums and felt the marching of feet from behind the hill.

Malcolm looked at the hill that was between him and his destination, anything could await him between that hill and the York, and he was prepared for it. He kept marching with his army to the top the hill, where he looked down at the Duke of Reghed's Army of 500 men.
Malcolm rode to the crest of the hill and let his gaze fall upon York Castle, he turned his gaze then to the Duke's Army. He turned around and looked at his men.
"Sons of Alba!" We have not ridden this far only to be stopped by this Duke and his force! We continue to march! Form battle formation! Archers in front! Infantry in the back! cavalry on the flanks! We will not attack unless attacked! Forward!"
As the battle formation of  the Scottish Army approached Reghed's Army they are ordered to halt at the foot of the hill, just 300 yards apart. King Malcolm rides out, "Urien, come out and fight me to see which man his worthy enough to have the lady Eleanor!"  He readied his lance and shield, and lowered his visor. "Or you could send a champion to fight me and forfeit your honor!
Duke Urien, accepts the challenge and rides out on his own horse. "Malcolm! You have no place down here! These are English lands!"
"That is enough Urien! No more words and draw your sword!"
Malcolm gave his shield and lance to his squire, he dismounted his horse and handed the reigns to the squire. Urien remained on his horse as Malcolm drew his great sword. "If you wish to remain on your mount, then so be it, but let it be known in the stories of how the cowardly Duke of Reghed trampled Malcolm, King of Scotland in a duel." Malcolm begins walking toward Urien, sword drawn. Urien urged his horse forward angrily and aimed his lance at Malcolm's head, and charged his horse forward. Malcolm waits for the last second, rolled out of the way and jabbed his great sword into the horse's underside, causing Urien to fly over his horses head onto his back.
As Urien struggled to get groaning in pain, Malcom came over to him and stepped on his hand, while placing his own sword to Urien's throat. "I know now that you are beat you will take your army and leave." He pulls away and grabs Urien's sword. "I also know you can always get a new sword."
Urien scrambles to his feet and limps over to his force and tells his general to order the march back to Regded. Once Urien is over the hill with his army, Malcolm remounts his horse and takes the reigns from his squire. He orders they army to camp outside the walls of York and enters the castle with 30 Knights of Scotland.  Once they arrived at the keep, they dismounted their horses and entered the keep while the stable boys and their squires put up the horses.
Malcolm and his 4 of his knights went into the Great Hall and await for Lady Eleanor. Once she arrived Malcolm and Eleanor slowly walked toward each other and once Malcolm reached he looked Eleanor in the eyes, "Eleanor, I assume you received my diplomat?"
Eleanor replied without hesitating, "Yes Malcolm but I do not know if marriage is a good idea. Urien, he is so desperate to have me."
"Urien will not be coming to pesture you about it anymore, he will remain in his Duchy." He began to run his hand through her chestnut colored hair. "So love, what do you say?"
Eleanor nods, and replies, "it is for the best of my people, and I do love you, so I will say yes with a sincere heart!"

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