The High Regency Of Luev

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The High Regency Of Luev

Post by Luev on Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:14 pm

Founded from the ashes of the Roman Empire, the remaining romans interbred with the local barbarians. Creating a whole new culture. Ages passed and In 1000, the king was overthrown by the nobles of the land who established a new form of government. The Regency Of Luev was established. There is almost no central authority instead it is separated into various holds ruled by powerful lords that all meet at the Grand Palace to decide federal laws. The nation is catholic Christian and will be primarily interested in foreign affairs and trade. Later one man was added to the governing system. The Royal Regent. They would be the strongest most wealthy and influential lord and would hold 6 votes in the Regency council. Politics in Luev are brutal with intrigue and assassinations all in an attempt to gain more power.


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