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Valzar Khanate

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The Valzar Khanate is a nomadic kingdoms up of Turks, Mongols and Huns that has recently arrived on the fringes of Europe. United by Ogai Valzar, born a commoner but now at 52 years old a ruler of a large kingdom. The Valzar Khanate is a loosely controlled nation ruled by warlords, tribal leaders and bandits that is connected through ambition and desire for power.

The Valzar Khanate is mostly of the Tengri Faith with a small Taoism and Hinduism minority from China. and Tibet, its population is smaller then you would expect with the nomads and their slaves only making up a small amount of the people in their realm with the native Rus under their rule.

The Valzar Khanate is quite poor due to its wealth being gained solely through raids and not much of a formal government, as well their army lacks the forges for steel and instead relies on raw iron, shortbows and slings with the kingdoms fearsome military strength coming from its large cavalry forces that when armed with even slings are quite a formable force.

Timeline of Ogai Valzar:

Ogai Valzar was born in southern Mongolia and taught how to ride at a young age as most Mongolians did and at the age of 16 joined a mercenary group in hopes of becoming wealthy. He ended up fighting for the Chinese briefly before taking control of he mercenary group at 25 and defecting launching many raids across Central Asia becoming known as Ogai the Dragon due to his hordeing of jewels and gold. He first arrived in Europe at 50 years old and soon afterwards became struck with sickness, not wanting to risk his legacy dying at the sword due to his growing weakness he has decided to settle in Europe for better or worse, leaving his children to rule over the rising nation.

The Valzars are a clan of over 20 sons due to Ogai's "activities" luckily bastards have no claims to the throne. Unluckily Ogai never married so none of them have a claim to the throne.
Valzar Khanate

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