Unification of Scotland

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Unification of Scotland

Post by Canmore on Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:19 pm

Malcolm II, Duke of Edinburgh, gathers his advisors together into the Great Hall. Once they arrive he sits upon his throne and waited for the advisors to sit as well. He clears his throat and begins to speak, "My friends and trusted advisors, I am sure you know about Our unfriendly Highland Clans to the North? I intend to incorporate them into Scotland, and bring civilization to Scotland." As many of the Generals and Advisor nod their heads, he continues, "I want your honest opinion on how we should go about this. Domhnall MacCoinnich, my friend and most trusted General, please, go first."
General MacCoinnich stands and bowing, replies to the King, "My Liege, war is not necessary until we know for sure they will not join you in your noble plight, I would recommend that you send diplomats offering noble titles to  all the chiefs if they will join Edinburgh as a united Scotland." He looks around as the other advisors nod in approval. "My Liege, as your cousin, I would ask that you send the delegates immediately."
Malcolm stands and raises his right hand for absolute silence, "Let it be done! Send my diplomats to the clans of the North, let them decide to accept my generous offer. "
The advisors are dismissed from the Great Hall and Malcolm retires to write a formal letter that will be sent to the clansmen.

Malcom II wrote:"I, Duke Malcolm of Edinburgh, do place an offer upon your Clan, join together with Edinburgh and I will make you a lord of your current holdings. Decline and I will bring the wrath of Almighty God down upon your pagan gods."

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