The Petty Kingdom of Wessex (WIP)

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The Petty Kingdom of Wessex (WIP)

Post by Wessex [ Eugene ] on Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:47 am

Name: The Petty Kingdom of Wessex
Government: Monarchy
Succession: Éadréd
Monarch: Éadréd Ironside
Dynasty: Cerdicing
Capital: Winchester
Religions: Catholicism
Languages: Middle English, Anglo-Norman, Latin, Hebrew
Currency: The Pound

Wessex Flag
Wessex Coat of Arms

Meaning of the Wessex Flag: The Wyvern, which is mentioned to have fallen in many previous battles, stands for power, courage, and domination, meant to demonstrate Wessex's power and dreams. The red background represents their blood, as a nation and the blood of those who strived to achieve it. The people of Wessex will rise like the Wyvern, and achieve complete power, no matter the costs.
Meaning of the Wessex CoA: The heraldic design represented both Wessex and Edward in classical heraldry, and is found on a number of church windows in derived shields such as the Arms of the Collegiate Church of St Peter at Westminster.

House of Wessex (Cerdicing Dynasty): The Cerdicing Dynasty began in the year of our Lord five hundred and nineteen. This dynasty has remained mostly unchallenged for the last five centuries, but diseases and Vikings have disrupted it slightly. This cannot be changed, so the destiny for the dynasty does not rely on the past, but the future.
Royal Family History:

Royal Decrees:

Map of Wessex

[1] Wallard (Changed after conquered) [2] Wessex [3] Devon [4] Somerset [5] Dorset [6] Dunhaven [7] Gloucester [8] Winchester

Royal Wessex Infantry
Total Troops: 8,000
Longbowmen: 1,650
Light Infantry: 2,600
Heavy Infantry: 1,350
Cavalry: 2,400

Royal Wessex Naval Forces
Galleys: 80
Sailors: 1,680 (21 per ship)
"Galley Slaves": 27,920 (~350 per ship)
Maximum Unit Capacity: 100 Infantry

Galley Locations:
[1] Newford - 4
[2] Portsmith - 21
[3] Plymouth - 7
[4] Portsbrook - 17
[5] Portamouth - 19
[6] Portland - 15
[7] Portford - 3
[8] Preston - 4

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