The Christian Imperium

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The Christian Imperium

Post by The Christian Imperium on Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:10 pm

The Christian Imperium is one of the relatively new nations, having only been united into a single nation very recently. It also hasn't been very long since the people of the Christian Imperium turned to Christianity and abandoned pagan gods.

The Christian Imperium's short history began in 997 AD, when eight tribes came together to form a much stronger nation. Before this happened, what is now the new Christian Imperium was eight pagan tribes. These pagan tribes had co-existed with each other for centuries, aside from a few minor wars.

When the eight tribes united, a priest stumbled into the new nation (which was currently named Citowa). The priest began teaching Christianity to the people of Citowa, and soon people began to abandon their pagan gods and turned over to the Cross. The nation was named "The Christian Imperium."

It wasn't until today that the new kingdom made itself known, and is looking to expand and become a big player on the world stage...

The Christian Imperium

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