The Grand Duchy of Rhaymes (WIP)

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The Grand Duchy of Rhaymes (WIP)

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Government Type:Absolute hereditary monarchy
Religion: Norse Paganism (might convert)

Ruling family: The house of Rhaymes
Current king: George Rhaymes
Current Heir: James III Rhaymes  
Classification: Grand Duchy (basically a petty kingdom)


The Families
in the 11th century AD the lands of what is currently known as Rhaymes are little more than a collection of warring feudal lords all seeking the wealth of this rich land.
At the time the three largest families were: The house of Reginald, The house of Geronim and The house of Alard.
The house of Reginald ruled the eastern provinces with a capital in granville, they were the richest of the three families with granville being home to a large trade guild as well as having gold mine in the eastern town of ravensburg.
The House of Alard ruled over the eastern territories of britanny, They ruled over the largest city in the country, Rhaymes, home to 58 thousand people due to this enormous population they had the largest military but mostly disregarded the navy.
The house of Geronim ruled over the southern parts of the country, the family was swiftly declining under the rule of Richard The Terrible. Richard was an incompetent greedy and arrogant ruler, he would commonly disregard his advisors causing him many military defeats, as well as that he had increased taxes to an absurd amount sowing discontent among the populace in doing so.

(map of the families)

Formation of Rhaymes
It is the summer of 968 and king James II Reginald is amassing an army, three thousand men strong with the intent of capturing Rhaymes. His early expansion was mainly unopposed apart from small skirmishes. After a month of campaigning James is closing in on Rhaymes when he gets word of two thousand man Alardian army marching for granville, James was caught off guard and immediately turned his army around and marched back. it was the 21st of august, in the early morning James' army encountered a bridge surrounded on all sides by forests and hills knowing the possibility of an ambush James sent his light infantry to secure the other end while the rest of the army crosses.
The army started crossing when, suddenly from the hills descended thousands of alardian soldiers under the leadership of the alardian prince Rolfe The Great. Due to the initial shock the first line of infantry fell back onto the bridge the fighting went on for an hour until some soldiers went under the bridge and set fire to it, the alards formed a shield wall stopping the enemies from running away until it was too late all two thousand men were slaughtered. With James dead and his heir being a child Granville surrendered to the sieging forces thus ending the war and securing the future of alard. After the victory over the house of Reginald, Rolfe demanded that the smaller princes surrender or face the might of the alardian army, all of them capitulated. After that he set his sights on Geronim he promised that he would not attack if  Richard's one and only child, Catarina, marry his son philip. After they married Rolfe had richard assassinated placing his son, Philip, on the throne. He left philip to rule over the land of richard as a vassal.
Two years after his conquest Rolfe died of stroke.

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