The Kingdom of Yaakovia

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The Kingdom of Yaakovia

Post by Yaakovia on Sun Aug 20, 2017 9:37 pm

Name - Kingdom of Yaakovia
Government - Monarchy
Succession - Male Succession by Appointment
Monarch - King Yaakov I
Dynasty - House of Yaakov
Capital - Tartu
Cultures - Sephardic and Estonian
Languages - Hebrew, Estonian and Ladino.
Currency - Zahav

Royal Flag

Royal Standard

Coat of Arms of the House of Yaakov

Meaning of both the Royal Flag and the Royal Standard - Colors of the Baltic winter (blue-sky, black-forest and white-snow).
Meaning of the Coat of Arms of the House of Yaakov - The Three Patriarchs (lions) of Israel (blue color) and both physical and spiritual wealth (gold color).

The House of Yaakov

In the year 1003 CE, with only 25 years of age, the wealthy Sephardic landowner Yaakov ben Shemuel founded both the Kingdom of Yaakovia and the House of Yaakov as he was enthroned by his subjects.

Map of Yaakovia
Yaakovia (cyan area).
Yaakovian regions: 1. Tartu. 2. Narva. 3. Haapsalu. 4. Pärnu. 5. Helsinki. 6. Hiiumaa. 7. Saaremaa. 8. Cēsis. 9. Lahti. 10. Turku. 11. Åland. 12. Talsi. 13. Riga. 14. Gotland. 15. Palanga.

Advanced Academic Institutions
Luunja Kollel - Halacha (Torah and Talmud), Mathematics, Astronomy and Mechanics.
Elva Kollel - Halacha (Torah and Talmud), Philosophy, History and Architecture.
Koremaa Kollel - Halacha (Torah), Medicine and Botanics.

City of Tartu

1. Road to Narva. 2. Road to Haapsalu. 3. Road to Pärnu. 4. Road to the castle. 1. Torah Gate. 2. Talmud Gate. 3. Abraham Avinu Gate. 4. Yitzchak Gate. 5. Yaakov Gate. 1. Market Square. 2.Neviim Bridge. 3. Chachamim Bridge. 4. Moshe Rabenu Synagogue. 5. Cementery. 6. Sukkot Place. 7. Public Baths 8. Sikrikim Barracks. 9. Justice Court. 10. Tartu Yeshiva. 11. Hospital. 12. Botanic Garden. 13. Grand Synagogue of Tartu. E. Emajõgi (river).

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