RP rules of War (WIP)

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RP rules of War (WIP)

Post by Varasd on Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:12 pm


RP rules of war:

About war:

- The outcome of battles and conflicts shall always be decided by those who fought it.

- If the two sides can not make a decision about a battle, it shall be decided by a neutral arbitor, OOCly.

- For every owned region, you can muster 1000 troops.

- War and military conflict is roleplay in turns.

- For every turn of the attacker, the defender can make one turn too.

- News about the turn must be posted in the World News or a separate Event thread, and must include army size and army movement.

- An army can move a maximum of 2 regions per turn on allied/neutral terrain, and 1 region per turn on enemy terrain.

- If two hostile armies meet in the same region, there will be a battle.

- The outcome of a battle is decided by the two hostile sides, if they can not meet a compromise, a neutral side, or a moderator will decide.

- Every coastal region can provide 10 ships.

- Naval recruitment does not affect the land recruitment numbers in any way.

- 1 ship can transport 100 land soldiers.

- Fleet crew (sailors, crew, etc.) can not be used in land battles, and ships can not be left "abandoned" on a coast.

- Every navy can move 1 sea region per turn.

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