The Alegrian Empire (WIP)

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The Alegrian Empire (WIP)

Post by Alegria on Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:24 pm

The Alegrian Empire started off as a small village, 725 AD, with only about 5 people residing in it. The village steadily grew as the families added on, eventually growing to almost 100 people. Most of them related to each other decided they wanted a more orderly village and created the council of persons. The eldest, Xurxes, brought his three sons; Cross, Bishop, and Jared, to aid him in the council. Cross and Bishop were die hard believers of god and praised him every chance they got. While Jared believed in logic and reason, and the very thought of an invisible, all knowing, all seeing god made him scold his brothers and his father for letting them be apart of the council. The rest of the village never knew that he was a man of science, for if they did he would have been kicked out of the council and possibly the village.

One day the council had to talk over the fate of a war orphaned girl named Jessie whom, on her way to safety, found their village and stowawayed in a barrel trying to hide from the populous. She was brought to the council to be looked over and decide if she should be allowed to stay or if she should be sent away. She told them that her village was taken over by war mongols on their way to dictatorship. When they finally accepted her they praised god and she looked at them in surprise telling them that her villiage believed in science (or magic) and that she didn't want to be apart of their nonsense.

She was sent away but before she left Jared bought her and brought her to his safe place, a cave the rest of the village didn't know about, and told her that he thought he was the only one who thought it was crazy.

They ran off together to seek out her village. They saw that the war mongols didn't have many troops still in their village and they were terrorizing what was left of the population. Jared ran back home to his father and begged that they help her villiage. He prayed to god 7 days before finally accepting, taking all the men of his village to her desolated home village, wielding farming equipment against the few mongols that were left. They knew they couldn't stick up to them so they prayed to their god. Jared and Jessie knew this would get them nowhere so they tried to speak to the council again trying to tell them that this would take far too long and if they wanted results they need tot honk of a plan. Xerxes told them that they are being blasphemous to their god and shall be punished, they were tied up and put in a stake all night.

While they were at the stake Kared and Jessie spoke to each other they agreed something must be done to fix this horrible order. When they were untied they rushed to the war mongols and convinced them to help them in return for the blood of both villages.

Jared and Jessie ruled over both villages combing them as their empire keeping the family line as pure as possible.


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