Alegrian Court

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Alegrian Court

Post by Alegria on Fri Jun 02, 2017 7:11 pm

Any character can be added to the court as long as it is not pre-made. This court can be used to discuss many subjects varying from religions to boarders.

Main Characters:

• Emperor Esdert Meyer
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Courteous: Often
Risk-Taking: Occasionally
Ambitious: Rarely
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Typically
Nurturing: Typically
Trusting: Occasionally
Honest: Often
Loyal: Often
Affectionate: Typically
Romantic: Typically
Flirty: Typically
Sympathetic: Typically
Altruistic: Generally
Optimistic: Typically
Observant: Typically
Logical: Often
Social: Fairly outgoing
Emotions: Very stable
Interested in vampires.
Annoyed by his empires fashion.
Believes vampires killed his wife.
Short-tempered, self-important, and paranoid
Wants to keep his loved ones safe

•Prince Xefe Meyer
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Courteous: Sometimes
Risk-Taking: Sometimes
Ambitious: Generally
Curious: Often
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Nurturing: Generally
Trusting: Never
Honest: Often
Loyal: Occasionally
Affectionate: Rarely
Romantic: Generally
Flirty: Generally
Sympathetic: Rarely
Altruistic: Often
Optimistic: Generally
Observant: Generally
Logical: Usually
Social: Very outgoing
Emotions: Somewhat unstable
Prone to stuttering when agitated.
Prone to fidgeting with things.
Moody and bigoted
Most of all, he wants to make friends

•Princess Vesta Meyer
Age: 8
Sex: Female
Courteous: Typically
Risk-Taking: Never
Ambitious: Often
Curious: Occasionally
Self-Controlled: Sometimes
Nurturing: Occasionally
Trusting: Often
Honest: Never
Loyal: Usually
Affectionate: Often
Romantic: Rarely
Flirty: Typically
Sympathetic: Occasionally
Altruistic: Sometimes
Optimistic: Generally
Observant: Often
Logical: Rarely
Social: Somewhat outgoing
Emotions: Very unstable
Believes in fairies.
Prone to fidgeting.
Believes in dragons.
Prejudiced, paranoid, and forgetful
Greatest desire is to protect the innocent

•Duke Azur Lossie
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Courteous: Never
Risk-Taking: Generally
Ambitious: Typically
Curious: Sometimes
Self-Controlled: Generally
Nurturing: Rarely
Trusting: Rarely
Honest: Never
Loyal: Rarely
Affectionate: Rarely
Romantic: Never
Flirty: Typically
Sympathetic: Never
Altruistic: Typically
Optimistic: Never
Observant: Typically
Logical: Sometimes
Social: Very solitary
Emotions: Fairly stable
Unnerved by bears.
Prone to spacing out.
Finds it difficult to work when other people are moving around.
Egocentric and power-hungry
Badly wants to have children

Minor Characters(WIP):


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Re: Alegrian Court

Post by Cybelos [ERE] on Sun Jun 04, 2017 5:26 am

To His Lordship, Purported Emperor Esdert Meyer,

When I first heard of you and your army I had to admit that I was somewhat amused, you're not the first Lord to grab power in that volatile area of the world you find yourself in, not even the first in my reign.

I know not what opportunity it was that you happened to capitalise upon in order to viperously project yourself on such a large domain, but I know now that the slight amusement that I had found earlier in you, has faded.

You have chosen to steal lands that have been openly Christian since His Majesty, Emperor Constantine's Edict of Milan ended Christian persecutions some seven centuries ago.

What gives you the right to declare yourself as deserving of the title of Emperor as he was?
Who proclaims you Emperor, your army of steppe children, and godless vagabonds?

Know this, your refusal to acknowledge Christ is a insult to me, and to all devout men of Haemus.
Furthermore, your self proclamation of Emperor is not only an insult but a threat to me, the whole of the Roman Empire, it's people, and it's history.

If you do not renounce your claims, I shall have no choice but to secure my titles, and fight for mine and my descendants honor.

I make five demands of you:
Firstly, you shall forfeit the title of Emperor.

Secondly, you, and any of your vassals who are pagan or areligious shall renounce any false gods, and travel to Constantinople, where you and they all shall be baptised.

Thirdly, a son of yours will remain in Constantinople, under my personal supervision, he will be granted the finest upbringing that the world knows, that of a noble prince.

Fourthly, an advisor shall be appointed to your court by me and all future Emperors, this advisor, granted the title of 'Epistate', shall see to it that all policies made by you serve the greater interests of the Empire, and all Christendom.

Finally, you, and all vassals of yours, shall proclaim me as Emperor.

Do this and your vassals shall be able to keep their lands and titles. As for you, you shall keep your lands, as for your titles, you will no longer be allowed to call yourself Emperor, instead, I shall grant you a crown, and you will be refered to as 'King'.

Understand that this is a kindness that most in my position would not offer.
As the defender of the faith, there are many who wish me to destroy you for your aggressively anti-Christian, anti-Imperial ways. Prove your wisdom and do not throw your men to the pyre of Satan to save yourself a momentary embarrassment.

My offer of a crown is more than you deserve, and could be seen as weakness by opportunistic characters.
If you refuse my kindness, I shall have no choice but to drive fear into said characters hearts.

I await your response,
Emperor of all Romans, Ioannes I Philanthropenos.
Cybelos [ERE]

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