The Reclamation

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The Reclamation

Post by Rorukheim on Tue May 09, 2017 1:27 am

The Reclamation has begun-
With the Kingdoms of Rus and Dragnavik in chaos, most of their royal families dead or disappeared, Rorukheim with claims to their thrones, through marriages, has march it's army into Drangaviks lands. Where now petty Jarl's rule...
The army of Rorukheim marches north from southern Swedish territories, in attempt to reach the old capital of Dragnavik. Although some lords bordering Rorukheim, recognize Rorukheim's claim. Sadly eight of the thirteen jarls form a coalition against Rorukheim. Their eight thousands troops move to intercept the five thousands troops. They head to Gauldar's pass. A small valleys with steep hills on both sides of the road. Pro-Rorukheim Jarl's and Rorukheimian scouts warn the army of the force. At Gauldar's pass, Rorukheim sets a trap.

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