A request of blessing.

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A request of blessing.

Post by Crusader on Thu Dec 31, 2015 4:31 pm

To your Most Holy Eminence;

An agreement has been reached with the Grand Duchy of Varasd, I write to you representing the ideas draw by myself, and Chancellor Bernard Zrinski; as our two nations represent the only Christian presence, in central Europe, with The Crusading States being particularly isolated; a defense force must be levied to provide suitable protection for Christian Pilgrims and trade. With the Baltic Waters being afflicted with numerous and aggressive piracy the only option is land travel.

Varasd and The Crusader States has drawn up a plan to form a Knight's Order,

-One thousand Varasdian light cavalry/horse-archers,
-One thousand Varasdian German heavy cavalry,
Who shall both be led by the heir of Varasd - Prince Stephan Konsky and shall be known as the Varasd Chevaliers.

-One thousand five hundred Gepidaen infantry and assorted auxiliaries, (900 pikes - 300 archers - 300 swordsmen)
-Two hundred mounted Gepidaen men-at-arms,
Who shall be led by various pious Gepidae Bishops and Gepidae minor nobility, the Commander-Bishop will be under the direct authority of the Varasdian Crown Prince.

Recruitment will be in the listed cities but God-willing, will be expanded over time.

- Varazdin (capital city, and capital of Croatia)
- Alba Regia (capital of Pannonia)
- Fiume (capital of Dalmatia)
- Laibach (capital of Carniola)
- Osijek (capital of Slavonia)

- Marienburg (Administrative Capital of The Crusader States)
- Königsberg (Prussian Capital and most populous city)

I beseech the Holy See to authorize this venture.

-Steward Reinhard von Lüneburg

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Re: A request of blessing.

Post by Varasd on Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:28 pm


You have come for a blessing of the Pope, and his Holiness shall do so. Since this is not a matter that needs authorisation or legitimisation from the College of Cardinals and the Pope (for it is not a claim for a province or a crown, nor is it new legislation), there will be no voting procedure on this matter.

His Holiness the Pope shall grant You his approval of this organisation. This, shall be the Order of St George, may your knights defeat heathens and enemies of God as St. George has slain the dragon.


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