Callaghan Royal Court

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Callaghan Royal Court

Post by Cuirpthe on Wed Jan 25, 2017 1:17 am


This is the Royal Court of the Cuirpthean Principality. The current ruling clan is the Callaghan Family.

Royal Family:
Prince James Callaghan II-Leader of the Callaghan family and head of Cuirpthe. He is required for all decisions in his court.
Princess Caoimhe Callaghan-Second in command, passes on all messages to the Prince in the event he is away.
Ryan Callaghan-Heir to the Callaghan Family. As he is only 8, he observes at his father's side.

Members of the Court:
Advisor Zachary Thompson-Head Advisor to the Callaghan Family
Commander Joseph Murphy-Head of the Royal Army
Admiral William MacArthur-Head of the Royal Navy
Ambassador Michael Lynch-Ambassador to The British Isles
Ambassador Alan Kennedy-Ambassador to Western Europe
Ambassador Brian Clarke-Ambassador to Eastern Europe and the Fennoscandian Region
For more info:
1.All members of my court are to be played by me unless permission is given
2.All OOC(Other than narration) should be kept in spoiler messages.
3.Try to keep conversation pointed toward serious matters(Trade,War,Alliance) unless the Prince invites you to the court.
4.Respect the royal family, or the guards will not hesitate to remove you.

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Re: Callaghan Royal Court

Post by Rorukheim on Fri Jan 27, 2017 4:44 pm

A longship from Rorukheim, holding a diplomat from Rorukheim sails towards Dublin. Estimated Arrival time about tomorrow morning

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