The Kingdom of Drangavik

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The Kingdom of Drangavik

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Capital City

Drangavik was founded at an unknown date in history due to bad documentation, but it is known to have been written upon maps from around 214 A.D - 217 A.D.
The city itself is placed upon a hill overlooking the sea, with a steep cliff leading to the docks. Close to the docks of Drangavik, their vast market will show, often looking for buyers of their finely crafted axe blades, aswell as fine animal furs, with the common meat vendor every so often.

(Picture shown without city.)

The city itself is surrounded by a large stone wall surrounded by the farms that supply the city. A single gate would mark the entrance of the town, reinforced by metals with a large bar used to block it from any possible invaders. Wooden watchtowers are dotted through the fields that overlook the treeline in the distance from the town, various animals able to be seen grazing from time to time.

A large hall stands at the tip of the cliff surrounded by a second layer of walling, with multiple palisades upon it. A small barracks is held within the walling, aswell as a few smaller homes for the nobles of the city. Inside the hall a large wooden table would greet you with fires lit, aswell as multiple furs of various animals covering the walls. At the end of the hall overlooking the table, a large throne would stand made from great mahogany wood with golden plating and gems encrusted within it.

Inside the Great hall

Religion Beliefs

Much Norse religious practice centers on the family or clan and its guardian spirits. The family is strengthened by shared celebration, and people who worship together can become families. A world in which the rights of the individual and the community are complementary is the ideal. This idea extends to the natural world, for it is only by living in harmony with nature that human communities can survive.

The following gods are actively worshiped within Drangavik, the larger gods placed first.

Odin (Old Norse: Óðinn) is the most powerful and wisest god. Odin is the Allfather of the Norse gods and the ruler of Asgard.

Thor (Old Norse: Þórr, Thórr) is Odin’s youngest son and the second most powerful god. He is the god of thunder, master of the weather and the strongest warrior.

Balder (Old Norse: Balder, Baldr, Baldur) is associated with light, beauty, love and happiness.

Vidar (Old Norse: Víðarr) is son of Odin and the giantess Grid, and only beaten by Thor when it comes to strength.

Vale (Old Norse: Váli) is the son of Odin who was bred as avenger of Balder by raping the giantess Rind.

Brage is very wise and eloquent, and the god of skaldic poetry and prose.

Heimdall is the guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge between Asgard and Midgard, which is the main road into the heavenly kingdom .

Ty, or Tyr, is the god of war – the one who decides who win battles.

Njord (Old Norse: Njǫrðr) is the god of the sea and seafarers.

Froy (Old Norse: Freyr) is the god of fertility. Frey is associated with virility and prosperity, with sunshine and fair weather, and is often depicted with a large phallus.

Ull (Old Norse: Ullr) is the son of Sif, Thor’s wife. “Ull” means “the honorable,” and he was the best of all archers and skiers.

Forseti is the god of justice.

Frigg (Old Norse: Frigga) is Odin’s wife, extremely beautiful, the foremost among the goddesses and the queen of Asgard. She is goddess of love and fate, described as having the power of prophecy yet she does not reveal what she knows.

Among all gods, Thórr (Thor) takes the most powerful shrines within Drangavik, though this does change from village to village. Within Drangavik's capital city, the shine dedicated to Thórr (Thor) is the size of two mead halls. Hundreds travel to Drangavik city, simply to praise their most prestigious god.

Freedmen: Emancipated slaves enlisted into the military. Used to Skirmish with the enemy before the main force attacks.

Type: Skirmishers / Light Infantry.

Hirdmen: Experienced warriors known to the horrors of war. Used as the main bulk of infantry.

Type: Heavy Infantry.

Huskarls: These warriors have fought at war for years, known to every aspect of combat, they are the deadliest thing upon the field. Used in dire situations, and to protect nobility.

Type: Elite Infantry.

Beserkers: While these warriors may not be the most experienced, they are the craziest. Always at the front of the battlelines, charging the enemy to break formations.

Type: Shock Infantry.

Archers: These warriors are most often taken from the hunter pool. Already trained at range with bows, they are a deadly foe.

Type: Missile.

Lancer Calvary: Trained to fight upon horseback, these men are deadly to Infantry and Calvary alike.

Type: Shock / Anti-Calvary

War Bears: Trained from birth to take orders from beast masters, these animals often find themselves in the heat of battle.

Type: Shock.

Longship: The ordinary ship under a Norse fleet, built for speed, and used for it.

Type: Boarding, Shock.

Drakkar: A larger version of the Longship, often used to ram into other ships, sending them into the bottom of the ocean.

Type: Heavy Rammer.

Military Alliances: None.

Defensive Alliances: None.

Non-Agression Pacts: None.

Trade Alliances: Luciavan.

-The Frostborn Pact-


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