Court of Luciavan

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Court of Luciavan

Post by Luciavan on Thu Jan 19, 2017 8:41 pm

Quick Map of Mensk:
Queen Victoria von Niederhadamar, age 47, married to Alois von Niederhadamar

Princess Susanne von Shneider, age 24, currently not married.

Princess Verena von Bauer, age 26, currently not married.

Princess Emilia Krause, age 19, currently not married.

The capital city of Luciavan --Mensk-- is a cheerful looking place, blue roofs dot the rolling lands, the forests hugging the city are brimming with diversity, and the clean cobble roads lead towards a towering castle in the distance. Upon entering the city many guards would escort any ambassadors from foreign countries through the bustling city of Mensk. (Please do not be frightened if one hears a loud trumpet answered by another one in the distance, it is tradition to prepare the castle of your arrival.) If the horses of the ambassador wasn't tired yet then they will be once they climb up the steep road heading towards the castle. Of course once the diplomat enters the courtyard their mounts will be fed and cared for, and they themselves will be shown to the Court of Luciavan. Two guards stand by each towering pillar of white marble, and two guards on either side of the Queen stand below her on the steps. The stained glass window behind her majesty depicts the founding of Luciavan. Above you hangs a massive crystal chandelier, you wonder how safe it is to stand underneath... A red carpet lays three feet in front of the marble steps, obviously for the ambassador to have comfort kneeling. The Queen of Luciavan will be sitting on the throne with some lavishly luxurious gown, she smiles down on her visitors.

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