A request for the crown of France

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A request for the crown of France

Post by Grand Auvergne on Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:21 pm

To the Holy See and the Noble Assembly of the Cardinals,

We, Berenger the First of Auvergne, Dux Arvenae, salute you. By this letter, we hereby ask for your august college to debate our nomination as Rex Francorum. Seeing how the Pope, as rigthful representant of God on Earth, as before crowned kings and emperors of France, we come to you to repeat such event and to recreate the title of Rex Francorum, seeing as the blood of the Carolingian as been diluted and lost.

As proof of our worth as King, we present our acts as Duke and Defender of the peoples and of the Faith. Haven't we restored peace in the mounts of Auvergne ? Haven't we successfully defended the coasts of Septimania from petty tyrants and pirats alike ? Haven't we managed to bring peace back in Neustria, to keep in check the many squabbles of the bandits and tyrants of Francia ? Hasn't trade returned to the Mediterranea, Provincia and Helvetia under our watchful eye ? Isn't the material and spiritual possessions of the peoples in our Realm protected under our Laws ?

With this letter, come the seals of all the Peers of France ready to aclaim us as their King. With it, also come the seals of all the Deacons, Bishops and Archbishops, notably of Reims, Laon, Clairmont and Avignon, that as saw upon my acts and confirms the rigtheousness of my claims, and who are pleading for you to agree with this demand.

Should you disagree with it, then we will bow ourselves before your wisdom and keep our work as Protector of the lands and of the faith, in the wait of a King that will never come.
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