The Duchy of Rorukheim

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The Duchy of Rorukheim

Post by Rorukheim on Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:20 pm

Location- Norway
Capital- Jorrvaskr
Oberjarl- Ragnar The Erobrer
Heir- Tordek Battlefate
Religion- Nordic Mythology
Pacts- none
Alliance(s)- Defense Alliance with Renaplauza through the marriage of Tordek Battlefate and Maxilla Targaryean

The Duchy of Rorukheim backstory-
Located on in Norway, this nation was found when Jarl Ragnar the Erobrer conquered the other jarls. Crowing himself Keiser, and with an army of Vikings and the will of the Nordic people, he sets his eyes on the rest of Scandinavia....

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