The Court of the Isles

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The Court of the Isles

Post by Kingdom Isles on Wed Aug 31, 2016 10:28 pm

[size=30]The Kingdom Isles Castle Court[/size]

This will be used as an IC thread to follow the happenings in the Kingdom Isles. If you'd like to RP as one of the characters or create your own, feel free to shoot me a tele on the main site. If you'd like to post OOC, but it in a spoiler please! I'll try my best to provide pictures somewhere just so you'd have a better vision of who is who and what they look like, also perhaps a line of succession.

The primary characters are:

  • Aeduuard I., House Caen, King of the Kingdom Isles
  • Symon of House Caen, Duke of East Sussex, brother of the King and Heir, Master of the Military
  • Mary of House Caen, Duchess-Mother of East Sussex, mother to Aeduuard

  • Erwin, Duke of Kent, Grandmaster to the King
  • Robert, Earl of Dorchester, Master of Treasury
  • Charles of House Mallory, heir to the Duc[hy of Sommerset, Master of Law
  • Francis Labes of Turo, Spymaster

  • Lance of House Bearkley, heir to West Sussex
  • Rose of House Lyons, daughter of the Duke of Hampshire

  • Leofwine of House Fougeres, Duke of Devon (Cybelos)

    • Ealdgyth of House Fougeres, Duchess of Devon, Wife of Leofwine
    • Morcar of House Fougeres, son to Duke Leofwine of Devon
    • Agatha of House Fougeres, daughter to Duke Leofwine

More to be added, just a beginning

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Re: The Court of the Isles

Post by Kingdom Isles on Thu Sep 01, 2016 1:24 am

King's Isle, Isle of Wight
King's Chambers, Royal Castle

"Are you making yourself at home, Aeduuard?" the soft voice of the King's mother came from the entrance.

'This is the worst and I have no idea why father wanted to me to rule if he died it battle' Aeduuard thought and quite frankly wanted to say, but he didn't want to upset his mother. "Yes, mother, I'm making myself at home," he gave her a half smile and continued writing.

"Your father would be astoundingly proud, I know you know that."

"Of course."

His mother turned and walked away, her long black hair hitting her back. Aeduuard always wished he had his mother's straight hair, but he was plagued with his fathers curly, pitch black hair, but at least the women always liked it.

As soon as his mother departed, his squire walked in.

"Your grace, the Grandmaster is here and he requests your audience," his youthful voice echoed through the chambers.

"Of course, send him in."

"Yes, Your Grace," the squire left, his boots and boisterous stomping making an echo, probably throughout the entire damned castle.

"William!" The King shouted, throwing his pen down on his desk.

"Yes, your grace?" The squire questioned.

"What did I tell you about walking so loudly?"

"You said that women don't like heavy feet," William looked towards the ground, ashamed.

"Okay, no go retrieve the Grandmaster."

William bowed and hurried off, this time a little quieter.

The Grandmaster walked in after ducking through the doorway, his 6"4 stature makes him taller than most of the Kingdom. "Your grace," the Grandmaster bowed and took a seat across from the King and poured himself water in a goblet. "How're you liking it so far, your grace?"

"Erwin, what have I told you about calling me 'your grace'", the King said, pouring himself a beverage, but instead of water it's wine.

"My apologies," Erwin said, taking a sip, "It's just we're not boys anymore, I'm a duke and you're a king."

"But you're still my friend, Erwin and you have been my friend before the idea of a Kingdom even came to fruition."

"Trust me I know," Erwin said, rubbing his red, scruffy beard, "I didn't have this itchy cunt when we first met." The two laughed.

"Alright, what can I do for you Erwin?"

"I've quickly realized that I can't do everything on my own," he gulped down his water, "So I need help. I'm asking that you appoint 4 more people to fill the following positions." He pulled a piece of paper from his silk tunic. "Master of Treasury, Master of the Military, Master of Law and a Spymaster."


"Someone to make sure all is going well and if it's not then they report to us. If there's treason, we'll know if there's any mischievous plots we'll know."

"Fair enough, who do you have in mind?"

"Well, we can appoint a noble who's somewhat competent to Treasury, your brother to Military, Charles of House Mallory to Law and..."


"Francis of Turo to Spymaster."

"He's not a noble?"

"No, not at all. He's actually rumored to be the richest man in Cornwall, so perhaps a noble without the title."

"You know that the court would be severely unhappy with an outsider being able to work within the castle walls."

"Yes, I know, but if we want someone who has the numbers and the intrigue to be able to do well in this position, then we'll have to make the sacrifice."

"Alright, fair enough," the King poured himself a cup of wine and his counterpart, "Enough business, let's drink!"
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Re: The Court of the Isles

Post by Austrasia on Thu Sep 22, 2016 5:40 pm

Jerome de Nemur

The journey across the English channel was a hellish one for the Austrasian Franks, many of whom had little to no experience upon the rigid wooden cogs they hired from local Flemish merchants. The entire ordeal, which took two weeks from their departure in Metz to their arrival in the port city of London, left two men dead from a storm and another 6 dreadfully seasick. In fact, Jerome de Nemur, the Duke's messenger, was one of the lucky few who was able to rekindle his strength and make it ashore.

These few waterlogged Frenchmen must have looked quite ridiculous to the locals upon the docks, and their confused gazes certainly made their unfamiliarity apparent to anyone who looked. Eventually however, a kind fisherman was able to direct the small procession to the gates of the castle. As they approached the gates, a small gathering of guards called out for their identification.

"Good morning," Jerome began, "My name is Jerome de Nemur, a royal messenger from the Duchy of Austrasia. We would like to gain entry to discuss relations between our two realms!"


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Re: The Court of the Isles

Post by Cybelos [ERE] on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:53 pm

Leofwine, Duke of Devonshire
Sutton-on-Plym, Devon

Leofwine knew Aeduuard would be as capable a leader as his late father was, but, Leofwine was the defender of Devon, and he knew that succession was a difficult time for a Kingdom.

Leofwine and some of his men rode from the relative comfort of Escanceaster to the more vulnerable parts of the coast of his holdings, first to Dartmouth, then to Sutton, he would see to it that fortifications were built upon the sea to protect his Dukedom and the Kingdom from incursion. Normans, Norsemen, and any other bastards whose names start with N would have a harder time destroying the Kingdom, he would see to it.

Leofwine would write a letter to Aeduuard wishing him a long, healthy reign, and telling his King of the fortifications built in his name.
Leofwine would also write a letter to his Prince, Symon, telling him the details of the fortifications, materials used, price, the garrison, patrols, and the like.
He sent his condolences to both men for the loss of their father.
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Re: The Court of the Isles

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