The Circle of Liberals's Court (ALAMUT CASTLE)

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The Circle of Liberals's Court (ALAMUT CASTLE)

Post by The Circle of Liberals on Tue Aug 23, 2016 8:40 pm

Main Hall of Alamut Castle

Alamust Castle is located in Alamut, an isolated mountain municipality, located in Western Persia, and serves as the main headquarters , major base of operations and capital city for the Assassin Brotherhood.

Visitor: "It is so beautiful here, Mentor. This is where your Order began?"
Mentor Hassan-i Sabbāh: "It began thousands of years ago, but here it was reborn."

―Mentor Hassan-i Sabbāh and a visitor regarding Alamut.

Alamut was constructed into a mountaintop nestled over the Qazvin Valley, with a village at its base and a castle at its peak. A palisade wall, and several Assassin guards that patrol the interior and exterior of Alamut protect the base. The sides of the site are protected by immensely high and sheer mountain walls, with a low lake below that can be seen from the entire left-hand side of the fortress and village.

A second mountainous valley and river can be seen on the opposite side of the castle, but not from the village. Over the second valley on the right-hand side of Alamut lie a series of wooden beams with ropes overhanging them, criss-crossing until they reach the back of a high tower that appears impossible to scale from the front.

The village is composed of several dozen small mud brick cottages at the far end of Alamut's valley and several are built into the edge of the left-hand side canyon. The village market is designated at the lowest end of the valley, a location in which the populace can barter for belongings and food or simply converse each day. Another marketplace, smaller and less extensive, is located just below the castle's long, winding entrance.

At the peak of the mountain lies the Assassin castle. Within the high stone walls, Assassins practice combat in the training ring, patrol the walls and grounds, or educate themselves amongst the libraries of the Mentor.

A beautiful garden, known as 'Paradise', is situated behind the intimidating tough face of the central stone rooms, in which women happily lie about in leisure, grass and thriving plants spread about the four-leveled space. In the center of the garden courtyard, situated in a fountain, is a statue of the Greek goddess Minerva. Inside the fortress library, scholars browse the shelves, constantly maneuvering among them.

The castle in Alamut

The castle houses all Assassins that reside within Alamut, as well as the Mentor's private chamber at the very top of the highest tower. Watchtowers surround the walls, each with expert archers that observe the nearby valleys and central village for approaching danger.

Canyon walkway and trap tower
On the southern side of Alamut, an Assassin is able to leap into haystacks arranged along a wide stone platform that juts out from the mountain wall. From these haystacks, several wooden beams criss-cross the void over the river far below. Ropes are also strung over the wooden beams to aid with crossing the dangerous pathways.

At the end of the twisting path over the valley floor, a lofty tower reaches into the sky, perfectly blending with the stone mountain wall. An Assassin is able to climb this tower, eventually finding themselves in a room with a grated floor. Piles of logs are kept there in case of invasion, upon which an Assassin is able to activate the trap by slashing a latch with their blade, sending the logs tumbling down over the enemy forces.

This is an IC thread for the events and things happening in the Circle of Liberals terrtory. I'll open up a few spots for other regions to RP as characters, though the majority will be RP-d by me. If you want to RP a certain character, by either adding a new, or claiming one of the free ones feel free to request so via telegram. OOC Posts in this thread are allowed, but they should be put in [spoiler] brackets. UPDATE: As of now, Mentor Hassan-i Sabbāh is the only character played by me, though as time progresses I'll create Assassin characters etc.

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