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Orberstinean Court

Post by Orberstine on Tue Jun 14, 2016 7:24 pm

Schloss Babelsberg, residence of the von Wolff family

Greetings and welcome to Schloss Babelsberg, home to the highest nobility in Orberstine; hidden away in the dense forestry outside the city of Lüneburg, the home is now open to foreign diplomats and prestigious travellers. The guest houses offer many modern luxuries to its esteemed guests such as washrooms and libraries. The castle itself is open for guests to visit and enjoy as is the small monastery located on the property; however, it is advised for long-term residents to stay within the property boundaries as the city can be less hospitable and the road leading there is infested with bandits.

Diplomats or other ecclesiastical guests with business with the Prince as welcome to stay as long as they please and bring along any other company they need fit. One may also stay in the city at the local tavern; however, it is not assured that the company there will be as fitting as those residing on palace grounds.  

The von Wolff family and other staff
-Jörg IV von Wolff: (male, 27) Prince of Orberstine, head of household
-Heinrich von Wolff: (male, 55) Premier Marshal of the Household
-Käthe von Wolffe: (female, 46) wife of Heinrich
-Linus: (male, 32) Premier Master of Ceremonies
-Lutz: (male, 20) Premier Captain of the Palace Guard

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