Colony of the South Vannishlands

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Colony of the South Vannishlands

Post by Vannishlands on Thu May 19, 2016 11:27 pm

Nation: Colony of the South Vannishlands of the Vannish Empire
Demonym: Vannish
Capital: Emerott, North Vannishlands
Head of State: King Erik Falkskog I, Ruler of the Vannish Empire
Head of Government: Archduke Ovar Yolafson, Ruler of the South Vannishlands
Other Politicians: Normund Lyborg, Jarl of Upper Territories... Runar Hennlut, Jarl of Lower Territories
Form of Government: Absolute Monarchy
Economic System: Feudalism/Nordic Capitalism
Military Size (active): 8,000
Avergage Temperatures: 0 Fahrenheit winter, 82 Fahrenheit summer
Exports: Iron, Lumber, Seafood, Armor, Bronze, Cheese

King Erik Falkskog I
He is known for being quite large at 6'4 and 300 lbs. King Falkskog has built a reputation as a fair and benevolent ruler. His great grandfather, King Helgrod Falkskog II, was the King who united the North Vannishlands under one banner. His father, King Bjorn, was responsible for bringing the South Vannishlands into the Vannish Empire.

King Erik II puts his people's best interests at the forefront of his policies. The Vannishlands, North and South exist under a system of feudalism. Under King Erik II's term, the rights of the serfs and peasants have increased. Everyone has been granted the right of fair wages and compensation. As a result, some of his lords or the nation's wealthy dislike the King for his policies. Some hope for a speedy end to his reign. But the common person cares greatly for the ruler that has taken many out of poverty.

The King has built up the Empire's military into a large force. A standing Army has been raised and deployed to maintain the Empire. II Corps and IV Corps are garrisoned at the South Vannishlands colony in Scandinavia. The King has also recognized and provided funding to the many militias, keeping them on the books as reserve forces.

King Erik II is currently in the process of building international ties. His advisers have told him that now is the time to start the voyages of enlightenment. It is time to send the Vannish out of their safety net to the north and into Europe.

Archduke Ovar Yolafson
There are three colonies that make up the Vannishlands. There are the West Vannishlands, the North Vannishlands and the South Vannishlands. An Archduke runs the government of each one. Archduke Ovar Yolafson presides over the southern colony. He is one of the few elite who wholeheartedly supports the King's liberal generosity. Many call him the King's right hand man. Some say such things sarcastically. None of the ridicule influences this Archduke. He is staunch in his policies. His goal is to defend the rights of the commoner. He tries to create as many jobs as he can by contracting citizens out to do tasks like building bridges, dams or other projects on a large scale.

Normund Lyborg, Jarl of Upper Territories
Lyborg is the Jarl in charge of the Four Upper Territories of the South Vannishlands. The Jarls speak to the Barons who own the land. The Jarl is tasked with representing the wishes of the Barons and their serfs. It's the Vannish Empire's way of making sure everyone has at least some sort of say. Of course all Barons do not express their serf's views perfectly, but most were fair. Jarls like Lyborg were in charge of making sure corruption was kept to a minimum and that the rights of the people were being spoken for. Normund is more conservative in his policies and has been known to vote against some of the more liberal policies that comes through the Council of Jarls.

Runar Hennlut, Jarl of Lower Territories
Jarl Hennlut is very staunch in support of the King and Archduke Yolafson. He is more outspoken on matters of the military rather than the more liberal policies. The coast city of New Emeros has become increasingly militant under Runar's time as Jarl. The nearby base has spread alongside the coastline. There are turrets and walls manned by archers, ballistas and various other weapons. Hennlut is responsible for growing the local militia by allocating territorial funds to grow the militia. He saw this as a way to build jobs. He is the loudest supporter for industries like fishing and shipbuilding as he has quite an investment in them.

-god of lakes, rivers, and rain
-symbolic of change and the seasons
-seen as a mage sort of figure

-goddess of the ocean and sea creatures
-symbolic of power and calm
-similar to a mermaid

-god of earth and rock
-symbolic of strength
-portrayed as man of stone

-goddess of feminine grace
-symbolic of fertility and birth
-seen as tall, dominant female warrior

-god of fire, thunder and lightning, "the son of Mars"
-symbolic of war
-portrayed as red-bearded giant

-goddess of the forest and wildlife
-symbolic of growth and of primal instincts
-similar to a dryad, a female covered in ivy

-god of wind, sky and treachery
-symbolic of humor, especially tricksters
-is a raven, tall as a man and twice as intelligent

Army of the South Vannishlands
Vannish Infantry

-Variety of weapons used based on provincial culture and funding
-Even swords can vary as both broadswords and longswords are used, as well as short swords in certain units
-There are also units of axemen and pikemen. Usually such units are organized by company in regiments.
-Shields vary as well and some can become quite ornate with regimental colors
-Doctrine utilizes lots of assets like siege weapons and archers

Vannish Calvary

-200 Knights for every Province, 1600 total
-Called Vannish Calvary Regiment, territorial defense vanguards
-Some of the Provinces have fought civil wars in the past
-Limited amount of ship transports, One ship variant can carry 20 knights with their horses
-These groups of 20 knights are elite and often carry out covert tasks

Siege Engines

-Teams that build these systems and vehicles are deployable, meaning products can be assembled overseas.
-Siege Vehicles can also be assembled overseas for export to allies.

Total Number of Personnel: 8,000

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